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On Dec 9th, Bottega Veneta hosted a cocktail bash to launch the “The Knot: A Retrospective” exhibition that also previewed the limited edition Knot India. In attendance where many sporting their Knot clutches including Ms. Fernandez, who wore a Just Cavalli dress with Jimmy Choo Verity sandals and a purple knot clutch. I know I am in the minority because I still haven’t been able to like these sandals yet. Love the dress and the clutch combo though.

P.S. Catch the same Verity sandals in black on Freida Here.


Left: Jacqueline Fernandez at Bottega Veneta Store in Mumbai
Top Right: Just Cavalli
Below Right: Jimmy Choo Verity Sandals

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  1. I love the whole look, how feminine and graceful. Priyanka could learn a thing or two from Jacqueline.. The clutch is gorgeous, I so want one, but way too pricey for me. Also, I think the shoes are lovely.. They are delicate and pretty, like the whole image she is portraying here.

  2. Yeah I hate the shoes too..they look like a net or something..or like a string has been tied around the foot in various ways….not liking….they actually look good when not on a shelf I would look at it and go ‘oh wow’ and then wear and go..’hmm…looks bad!’ LOL

  3. oh she is hot and her style and confidence …..makes her hotter.
    I love her dress and color and print.
    Shoes are too complicated for me .

  4. amazing dress…and love the shoes 😉 sorry P&P…
    albeit they look a lot better in the lighter shade than they do in black. this is one of the better cavallies 🙂
    and what can i say about the clutch… any colour … sigh sigh sigh 🙂
    my favourite is still burnt orange on preity 🙂


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