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For the taping of an episode of their dance reality show, both Malaika and Madhuri were seen wearing Manish Malhotra‘s sequin sari in different colors. Prefer the blue or the silver?

Malaika Arora and Madhuri Dixit

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani/Twitter

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  1. Maybe exchange the sarees given their personas.. not a fan of either sarees but Madhuri makes a rather loud embellished one look mild and elegant while Malaika looks good minus the hungry expressions

  2. I like the silver one but honestly, I have had a sensory overload of MM sequin sarees this part year. They lack novelty. Amongst all the celebs who wore these embellished sarees, my favourites remain Karisma in a black sequin saree and Tara Sutaria in a grey one.

  3. Madhuri’s pleasantness makes the saree work. Malaika – sad that after all these years in fashion/ bollywood she still isn’t natural with the camera

  4. As a non-Indian, I kinda feel stupid in that I’ve always thought which side to drape the saree is a personal choice.

    Never seeing a right-side drape, I came to the obvious conclusion – rather late – that right-side draping is nonexistent.

    I find it fascinating that no matter the style of the saree – even the experimental types – the left side drape is an unbreakable rule; a foundation of the saree, even (?).

    Fashion wise, I agree with most of ya’ll: these ladies could do way better than these MM sarees.

    • It could be because for most folks, right hand is the dominant hand and that’s how it has come to be. But, that’s my theory.

      • After looking up all the above mentioned regional styles, I also watched “Maahi Ve” from Kal Ho Naa Ho (I’m sure there are gazillion Gujarati references in Bwood movies, but this song is one of my fav & the reference I’m very much aware of?).

        And sure enough, some of Saif Ali Khan’s character’s family members, including his mom, have their draping on the right side.

        I’ve watched the movie & the song countless times & never picked up on that.

        Thanks ladies!


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