Imitation, Best Form Of Flattery?

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Imitation has never escaped the fashion industry but then there has always been a line to draw between that which draws inspiration and that which only imitates!

Inspired nuances are good for the budget shoppers because it gives them a way to get a particular look without having to break the bank…

Below, is a Miu Miu bag on the left and a Steve Madden tote on the right. Quite similar but not identical.

Buy Miu MiuCoffer Bag Via Net-A-Porter (Left)
Buy Tote Via Steve Madden (Right)

But then look at these two clutches. At a glance, they are absolutely identical! The Valentino Satin Bow clutch has been very popular with A-listers this season but priced at $750.00, it does come at a hefty price! Imagine my surprise when I found the exact identical clutch at Steve Madden for a mere $38.00!!

Buy Valentino Clutch Via Neiman Marcus (Left)
Buy Bjuliet Clutch Via Steve Madden (Right)

My question to you is this: Knowing that an identical original exists, will you still go for the cheaper, ‘inspired’ one? Or would you rather find an original at whatever price range it is that you are shopping in?

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  1. I would definitely go for a Steve Madden. Every true-blue fashion-sista knows that brand names come and go. What remian are patterns, style and the attitude u carry with them: be it a garment, bag or a pair of shoes.

  2. @ .blink
    While I do agree with you, I personally would go for an original in/within a budget thats my choosing! But, yes, at the end of the day, its being comfortable in your skin and exuding that!

    @ Suri
    It does look good, doesn’t it!


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