Pretty In Pink? Part Deux.

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An ill-fitting salwar-kurta paired with a chunky necklace and a crazy teeka. Must be Ila Arun! 😛

Ila’s dress code is pretty consistent in such that you will always spot her wearing the above combo but while sometimes it is bearable, this pepto-bismol look is more vomit-inducing than stomach soothing! In other words, we have ourselves a WTHeyyy!


Ila Arun at IIFA 2009: Zaia Cirque Du Soleil Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Well captioned……….Couldn’t agree with you more. Loving the Pepto comment. I didn’t think her daughter fared that much better than her.

  2. she is like this wild, exotic creature who pretty darn well does as she pleases including dressing funky all the time, fashion, style or trends be damned…
    I don’t think she even qualifies for fashion criticism…this is her own signature style, her permanent fashion statement- no matter what the occasion…honestly, I find her choices similar to adivasi folk dancers from some remote mountain villages….so people, you’ve gotta cut her some slack…
    The woman has got major guts to sport something out of a freak show…seriously, what do u expect?…I mean, she’s there for Cirque Du Soleil Show, you know…get my drift?

    P.S. the pepto bismol comment is hilarous…lol…


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