Match Madness

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Mamata Mohandas’ look at a recent music launch reminded us of Tanisha’s look from ‘U Me Aur Hum’ music launch… Tanisha has been known to match much but at this particular event, Mamta (a South Indian actress for those wondering…) went way over-board with her match-madness!

Mamata Mohandas

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  1. i like tanisha’s outfit even though the bag is ugly. lol

    mamata is just way over the top ugly. the belt is not needed bag is definitly ugly. love her shoes though.

  2. and yet Mamata still looks better
    I like the dress itself but everything else is looks as if it is off the clearance rack in target :/

  3. This was an instance for Mamata to heed Coco’s advice ….. “Before heading out of the door, look into the mirror and remove one accessory.” The look would’ve worked great with one less red thing!

  4. Hey don’t you diss clearance rack at Target – tons of cool stuff to be found there.

    Mamta is gorgeous. I would replace the belt with a nice black neutral belt and give her a black or red clutch. Et voila – problem solved.

    Tannisha on the other hand – hmm…the dress has an awkward length, the shoes do nothing for her and the clutch is just banal.

    Mamta’s outfit can be redeemed, Tannisha – don’t think so.

  5. Oh, I don’t think they look that bad really. And nothing wrong with wearing things that don’t cost a poor family’s meals for a year!

  6. OHHH lord!!!…Tanishazz lipcolourzz hidios!!…hate it..or she jus cant carie it off!!..nn bou mamta..i quiet lk her dress..bwt d belt!!

  7. why for the 100th time do the mukherjee sisters ALWAYS wear roadside wear?
    they are obviously wealthy and its beyond me why a person like kajol..who i would imagine would have designers falling all over her..would do this to herself..
    some say she doesnt care..but isnt it part of her job to?


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