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At ‘Rock On’ Premiere
At HDIL Couture Week

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  1. This woman looks good no matter what. Even when she made a fool out of her self some 13-14 years back on some contest, she was still confident and assertive. Way to go Mads. Me loves ya!

  2. she looks much better this time around
    the dress is better stapless
    …but what is with that pout, I hate when celebs pout, they always look like (and usually are) young wannabe starlets

  3. ok she is very pretty, love the dress..except that it requires one to be uber skinny to carry it off. this woman has a great body, but the dress doesn’t flatter her (esp around the waist/tummy).

    also i like her better w/o the red lipstick..

  4. Surbhi, she is stunning in real life. Rather larger than life personality, so can come across as a handsome woman. Now she is 37 years, you will agree she has morphed into a very sophisticated woman would you not?

  5. The dress is not body-appropriate for her. Shes older and allowed to have a tummy, but if you have a tummy you shouldn’t wear a dress that clings to it.


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