Twice The Nice?

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It’s not everyday that you see Raageshwari take a misstep but we might have spoken too soon considering this is her second, back-to-back infraction. ‘Once’ if you take into account the fact that it’s the same dress worn twice (in two different colors).

Disliked the dress then. Dislike then dress now.

Which do you prefer? The dress in red, yellow or like us, in neither of its avatars?


Left: At An American Independence Day Celebration/Event
Right: At Queenie Singh Dhody’s Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like the yellow one. The yellow is not too bright and with the earings and simple black hand bag looks nice.
    Though the red is not bad either but it is too bright for me.
    But I won’t call either of them a ‘misstep’ as they are not so bad.

  2. Since it’s about the lesser of the two evils I will take the yellow one. Her makeup there is better and so is her hair – comparatively anyway. So while neither is anything worth raving about the one on the right is miles ahead. And not feeling that clutch with the yellow.


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