Eesha Who?

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Update: Miss India not in top 15, just as I expected!

Eesha Koppikhar(or Isha Koppikar as most of you know her as) will be one of the judges at the Ms Universe 2008 pageant tonight.

Do not ask me why her? I am still scratching my head over this one!

P.S. For people in the US, the event will be showing on NBC at 9PM Eastern.

P.P.S. Thanks “Jayashree” for the tip!



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  1. Since the time , Priyanka Chopra answered her last Question in Miss World Pagent ,as ‘The most inspirational LIVING personality she admires is INDIRA GANDHI ‘ …………..and She won !!!!
    … I lost trust on all these paegents .

    They can have kashmira shah as a Judge and I won’t be surprised !!
    …atleast Esha is quite educated ( accoding to the site ) in comparisn with her peers .

  2. This numerology business has to stop. They keep changing their names but their movie roles never get any better! And it’s one thing to mess with your name, but why do you have to mess with movie names too?? (Karzzzz…???)

  3. hmmm..i thought her last name was koppikar, not koppikhar. and do they mean Ruia college?

    tch tch, they didn’t even get their facts right 🙁

  4. kashmira,
    I think the whole numerology deal is to blame here… Lots of actors acting extra “i”s and “e”s and in this case “e” and “h” to get more lucky…

  5. yeah, i agree.. the babe looks beautiful.. can look actually.. but what is that line.. “she danced on stage with the contestants” like that is suppoused to be such an achievement!

  6. that numnerology thing sure works….look it got her to the show as a that is some LUCK…. good thing she changed the spelling of her name or she would never have made it there…not even as a ticket paying audience member.


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