Got Carried Away

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Oh to be young, to take risks, to be adventurous… too bad this attempt at channeling her inner Carrie fell rather disastrously short. Yes, even the ever adorable Genelia couldn’t salvage this one.


Genelia D’Souza At ‘Do Knot Disturb’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Odd you din like? That’s so rock n roll ! Someone needs to take a li’l risk with their dressing and I give her Kudos for that. Most ladies in bollywood try to play it safe, classy and extra feminine. I think this girly, flirty look is so awesome. And Rosettes are so *IN* this fall. The wee bit I would like to change is the dose of red, maybe the footwear. Nude or Tan pumps woulda rocked. I give ger 4 stars…Genelia! you go girl

  2. You know, she really doesn’t look too bad at all..I mean I don’t like the shoes but I’m usually not a fan of the patent shinyy shoes anyway, so that might just be a personal preferance..her hair is not so fab but the look works on her. Although I’m not entirely sure it’s event appropriate, but then again everyone usually dresses in different types of attire for most events in B-town, so no one seems to follow any such ‘protocol’ so to day

  3. oh come on. she looks totally comfortable, oozes the right spunky attitude. without the rosette (which you guys don’t like anyway) she’d have been boring. i may have eased up on those shoes, but that’s about it

  4. i think she looks good minus the flower. and shoes add pop of color. very trendy outfit
    blazer check
    skinny jeans check
    pop of color check
    floral check yet she went way too far

  5. I don’t like her lip colour…and I don’t like the fact that her blazer’s lining is showing.
    Coming down to the risk-taking in question, I really hate that flower; it’s one U.G.L.Y mess. Wish she wore a funkier blazer instead. Something like a Rodarte. And colour synced those shoes accordingly.

  6. I think she DOES have youth on her side and if you don’t experiment now,then when??!Agreed the flower could’ve been discarded but otherwise love the look.She’s just the person to carry it off.

  7. Shes looks good and I think very brave to pull that off. She’s young, let her have fun. She has a chance to wear same old boring stuff when shes older.

  8. Red is too much..had it been a nude or pale pink rosette…would have looked great…I still like it….its fun and flirty and young….I like it!

  9. how come noone noticed the pink hair =S i love her look, though the flower could have been a lil smaller/ nicer?
    But the hair just KILLS me. Pink extensions? EW

  10. Maybe if the flower and shoes were not **RED** it would have worked. You dont have always pair RED and denim… she could have tried some pleasent colour, like purple, butter yellow.

  11. I love the look… extra marks for taking risks– the only thing I don’t like are the pink extensions. Even Carries’ huge flowerlooked a bit incogrous–its all about trying a diffrent look


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