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While at Fashion Week, Genelia was photographed in a sari-dress by Pasha India. With her hair pulled back in to a ponytail, she rounded out the look with white sneakers. Like what you see?

Genelia Deshmukh At Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I’ve always found the saree/ Lehenga with sneakers trend wannabish. The real brides or those in fashion shows who lift their lehenga a bit and strike a supposedly ‘cool’ pose to show that they are wearing sneakers. The saree tied a little shorter to show the sneaker pairing. It becomes all about trying to be cool when one HAS to show the sneakers. It’s not naturally cool except on very very few people.

    • Exactly! And then they go and judge women who actually wear shoes for comfort with their salwar suits/sarees in their daily life as non-fashionable aunty or behen ji

  2. Given that this was a Fashion week look, it can be given a pass..On the other hand, if it had been been a proper sari, instead of a ‘sari dress’, it would have made for a nice sari sighting…

  3. She looks so very cute!
    And as some one who spends a lot of time standing up, I love the fact that it is actually trendy to wear sneakers with pretty much everything… my amma wore saris all her life, and I remember that when she would spend all her workday wearing sandals, she would come home with her feet really really sore. Now she wears her cottons and her kanjeevarams with shoes that are better for her feet, and she loves it and can’t be bothered about whether it is Indian or not.
    And I agree, you can probably get good Indian wear shoes which aren’t terrible for the feet, but I don’t think Amma would have ever thought of spending a lot of money on those !!!

  4. All I can see is the terrible blouse.
    IMO: Wearing a sneaker with a saree depends on the type of saree and occasion. Reality is many times a sneaker is so comfy and wearing one with a casual (or light colored sari like Genelia’s) is very comforting. Like everything, saree should also move to the 21st century adapting to the much-required mobility and comfort sought by a lady today.
    I’m not advocating wearing sneakers with silk sarees and at weddings n such (the whole Sonam’s reception with sneakers was a TERRIBLE idea) but for daily wear, I don’t mind. White converse FTW!

  5. This tread of wearing saree without petticoat, with belt , with sneakers is totally uncalled for. The saree she is wearing is below mediocre and designers are trying too hard to ruin everything in saree.

  6. All these comments saying they dislike women wearing sneakers with sarees – are you kidding? Sneakers are incredibly comfortable & versatile. For centuries, women have been expected to trot around in impractical footwear (and clothing) for “aesthetic, ornamental” purposes while men enjoy the comfort and practicality of sneakers, decent-sized pockets etc. So I, for one, am all for prioritizing women’s comfort and mobility.


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