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One to keep things mostly understated (on these pages anyway), Gayatri gave us bit of a start by picking this particular Sabyasachi. The sheer, ombré sari may not personally be our cup of tea but she did look nice… Even if it did seem a bit much for a calendar launch!

Gayatri Oberoi In Sabyasachi At Dabboo Ratnani’s 2014 Calendar Launch

Gayatri Oberoi At Dabboo Ratnani’s 2014 Calendar Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Dont really agree that she looks nice. Her look is surely a bit OTT (as you correctly said surely not for a calendar launch)….The choice of blouse or a piece of jewellery she wearing – one of the two should have been avoided. And even the clutch she carrying is a waste.

  2. That blouse is a bad choice… or she should have pulled her hair back a bit, the area around her collar bone looks so cluttered!! Not quite for me

  3. Maybe she came from somewhere else and just stopped by at the calendar launch instead of going home to change. Only thing I can think of considering Gayatri is always dressed sooo well!

  4. its def OTT and would have been better at a wedding but i love it! its OTT in a desi way if you know what i mean, could have looked garish on someone else but she carries it off very gracefully….

  5. why is less supposed to be good ? who makes the rules ? If a person loves being dressed in shimmery sarees then so be it long as everything looks put together (yes the bling too) then she has my vote.
    in her case, i didn’t like the look thats put together.The saree with a different blouse or the necklace with a different outfit..
    Please go easy judging people who like bling ! look inside you we all like it some more some less !!!!! some like small diamond studs some like big …some like a small sequin clutch some like a full length sequin let it go

  6. You can wear bling but you cannot wear it all together….blingy sari with blingy blouse with blingy clutch n jewellery too!!!…..this IS OTT.


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