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While at their respective events, these ladies all paired their denims and top/tees with black vests. Have a favorite?

Left: Shazahn Padamsee At Luxury Expo 2013
Centre: Preeti Desai At Bombay Talkies Screening
Right: Gauri Khan At Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This one’s obviously gonna go to Preeti. Love every item she’s wearing. She looks comfy. Now, onto more pressing matters, WHEN WILL GAURI STOP MIXING AND MATCHING ITEMS FROM SHAHRUKH’S CLOSET, HER OWN CLOSET, AND A FILM SET’S WARDROBE (I’m looking at those blingy shoes)?!?

  2. Gauri looks so bad, its not funny anymore.
    1. that hair and make up; I know people have personal preferences but im sure she must see herself on hhc and wonder how she comes out looking that oily.
    2. that belt is straight out of Salman Khan’s ‘tere naam’ closet.
    3. the entire look in itself is so mismatched.

  3. Humid Mumbai weather does that to my face too. It’s not an aesthetic decision one makes (to “looking oily”) . Sadly not all of us can look like fresh daisies in this crappy weather.

  4. I think Gauri looks fabulous. She closer to 50 and is being compared to 20 year olds. Those abs are flat! That in itself is a compliment.


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