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Being that it is a slow news day, here is some more from the archives.

Here is a classic case of where the outfit looks great on the model. The dress is too long for Bipasha as you can see by the way it sits on the floor. I am guessing, she chose in a hurry and so they didn’t have time to tailor it to her height.

Love it on the model..

Gucci Fall 2007

Bipasha Basu @ Gucci Launch

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  1. I am wondering what happened to the puffy shoulder sleeves; I think it was meant to blance the drape design wise, so it appears shaggy in front. Yeah the extra fabric should have been altered, and maybe I would have liked her hair to be tied back.

  2. umm.. not liking. its not very flattering… the funny bits hanging in front, that is. and yeah – its not doing Bips any favours

  3. Gucci dress for a Gucci event – how appropriate. The dress is long, longer than usual and she looks great, fills it out in the right places.

  4. She did not have to buy or borrow it, the dress would be given to her by the designer to grace the occasion, and give him a lot of publicity (we are debating it are we not), she is a celeb, and all over the world they are given outfits for the Oscars etc for FREE…no exception here, just the rule.

  5. bipasha’s hair and makeup is perfect. but just wish the dress fit her better. love the clutch…dunno what would fit in it, but love it anyways.


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