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Ok, I will admit, that I was too hasty to call Kajol’s ensemble, a drastic improvement, but then I didn’t know, until now, that she had already worn the same outfit to Manish Malhotra’s party back in 2006!

At Radio One, 2008

At Manish Malhotra Party for LFW, 2006

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  1. Ooooo…. this hurts! y’know kajol is not always the best dressed but one of the few times i think she looks nice and its a repeat.

  2. She doesn’t give me the impression that she’s trying hard or want to dress/behave/talk in a certain manner. She doesn’t brag about where she hails from or her achievements. No diplomacy as well, who doesn’t want to potray anyone else other than herself (one of them being damn care attitude).
    Even though she is a big celeb, she is one of the few celebs, I don’t expect much in terms of clothing/styling. And I must admit that I was very impressed with the below picture in the nautical top, where she beated Kangana and many others in styling.

  3. I don’t think she gives a damn about what anyone has to say or think. She is also a minimalist and very grounded so more power to her!

  4. Kajol is known for her acting skills not necessarily for being a socialite, glamorous bimbo like half the bollywood women. She repeats all the time and like someone said more power to this bollywood mom.

  5. Hiya,

    I just watched a video of the filmfare awards on Youtube,
    and in it, Kunal Kapoor is wearing the same Narendra Kumar jacket-of-the-season as Neil Nitin Mukesh, on the same night!!!

    Go check it out!!!

    btw, i have fallen in love with that jacket, any idea how much it retails for? and i expect id have to pick it up in india?


  6. Guys she cannot NOT care!! She’s a Celebrity for chrissake and can’t we ask a little from her? I know she’s talented but we’re comparing apples with oranges…her fashion sense has nothing to do with her talent and vice versa so we’re just asking the beautiful Kajol to be savvy when it comes to dressing up. We’re not asking her lose weight or be like kareena kapoor heavens NO! As fans, can’t we even ask her that much?

    I like her but with her “I don’t care” attitude, she sounds a bit pompous i don’t know if that’s the right word but you guys should watch Kajol and Aamir’s chitchat in behind the scenes section of Fanaa and she appeared to be slightly disrespectful towards Aamir in the way she talked.

    anyways that was completely off the subject.

    YES and her hubby NEED to hire a stylist for crying out loud!!

  7. i agree with rashmi in essence. but we’re not even asking for anything as fans. we’re simply commenting on anyone who pretty much expects it since they’re in the public eye and make their money off us, right?

    anyway – more to the point – cant stand the pants. why do women with such fat thighs wear white pants??!!! its a sin.

    and those shoes in the 2008 pic. where did she dig them out of? 1994?

  8. it is really shame..she has all the money in the world..she cannot spend couple hundread dollars to dress up so for her hubby..miser to penny i guess.


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