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On popular demand, lets talk ‘Vanities’!

Every Vanity Fair issue has a section ‘Vanities’ that features an up and coming artist styled like a pin-up girl, very circa 1950s. And (who else) Freida got the opportunity to be February’s ‘Vanities’ girl! Talk about being on a roll! We sure could use her publicist! 😉

For her shoot, she wore a Norma Kamali bikini top, Michael Kors swim bottoms and red Christian Louboutin slingbacks.

This girl seems to have the world eating out of her hands. Sigh.

You can see previously featured ‘Vanities’ girls Here

Thanks ‘Sonia99’ for the link.


Left: Freida In Vanity Fair
Right Top: Michael Kors, Spring 2009
Right Middle: Norma Kamali Bill Bra
Right Bottom: Christian Louboutin Round-To Pumps


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  1. love the pumps…love the bikini top..but disappointed by Michael Khor’s bottom’s.. freida could look better but she has such gorgeous legs!

  2. Superman’s girlfriend! or dita von teese impersonator! or aspiring model for a retro save the world poster!
    sigh…from malad to vanity fair by dint of a 15 minute role in a rags to riches tale. I am gonna go and try to scrub off the greenness of my face now.

  3. Didn’t jezebel have something on the great whitewashing of Freida?

    The VF pics look terrible – can’t believe that otherwise intelligent actresses are lining up to look like 50s caricatures.

  4. The image fails, not in Freida’s styling, but the way the image has been conceived. The way it turns out it looks like it has low production values.

  5. That picture is terrible. It looks photoshopped. Her head is too big and they have ‘white washed’ her so she does not even look like a brown person. Plus you need a curvy body to be a 50s pinup. She has matchstick arms and no bust.

    Why did Vanity Fair take such a bad picture?

  6. Photoshop oh photoshop what we have done without you, she looks pink, porcelani with no pore plastic skin, and the waist is too small than her real body fram, a lot of photo shop cut and pastes and one good picture

  7. Thanks PnP … :).
    I can’t believe how skinny Freida is..I mean that’s like a 17 inch waist! I like the styling.
    Wondering how other actresses in Bollywood feel about Freida. A lot of them have had Hollywood aspirations for years and then comes along this 24-year old nobody and becomes the face of Bollywood! I bet they are all heaping curses on her.. 🙂

  8. @debs: ha ha I have been green since she started walking the hollywood red carpet! one luck girl she is! it must be so much fun rihgt now for her!

  9. Agreed with Sonia up there…nice to see an unknown 24-year-old raising everyone’s hackles 🙂

    The whitewashing sucks. She’s beautiful with her own skin, and it really wasn’t necessary- couldn’t they just have blitzed the flaws out to make it look that fake on purpose (if they were going for the highly stylised 50s look) but left her brown? I saw a browner version of the image, and she was gorgeous there.

    Also, I know she’s naturally very (VERY) slender, but that was a terrible photoshop job on her waist. Vanity Fair has no clue…first the Miley Cyrus fuss and now this..


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