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The seemingly ageless Ms. Gujral was in attendance at the BoF soirée wearing a black jumpsuit. A ponytail, tan sandals and gold accessories that included a Gucci python belt and clutch (also Gucci) finished out her look. She looked good!

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Feroze Gujral At Business Of Fashion Event

Photo Credit: APH Images

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  1. she looks terrible with all that in your face bling.. and the hair is so kiddish.. when you are buy lot of expensive clothes and accessories but dont know how to team all of that up… this is what happens

  2. Really, you guys think this looks good?

    Looks like ghetto trash to me. Doesn’t matter how expensive the outfit really is when it looks this tacky.

  3. All the accessories are good on their own ………but she has no idea how to put together a look.And the hair look terrible……she’s trying to look younger but ending up looking silly.


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