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The National Costume round of the 2009 Miss Universe contest saw Miss India wear a Ritu Kumar lehenga. While, we loved the black skirt of the outfit, hated the cutout sleeves.

Whether the outfit appealed to the judges, we won’t find out until the 23rd, but what say you?

Update: You are right ‘Nitu’, Simran also wore the same design last year and hated it then too! (see here )


Miss India Ekta Chaudhary in Ritu Kumar at the Miss Universe 2009 National Costume Presentation


Miss India Ekta Chaudhary in Ritu Kumar at the Miss Universe 2009 National Costume Presentation

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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    • Yup.. its a replica of the one worn by Simran in Miss Universe 2008.. which was a replica of the lehenga worn by Lara in Miss Univer 2000!

      Sarcasm apart, hope we win the crown this time.. its sure been a long time since 2000!

  1. Def agree with you guys. Btw, isn’t tht top very similar to what Simran Kaur Mundi wore last year for the Miss World comp?
    I would think that it would be better for the Miss Indias to move on from the lengha and wear something else during the National costume round, after all India has so many different types of traditional wear

  2. why would Ritu Kumar repeat the same style again and again .. no doubt the lehenga is stunning however the choli doesnt do justice …
    Agree with Nitu .. so many more costumes than just the same old beaten to death versions of lehenga and sari’s … may be they can try regional costumes from a particular state .. ( where the contestant hails from )

  3. By the way.. how is this girl ready to compete in the Miss Universe pageant with her tummy hanging out like that (first pic)! She’ll fail miserably in the swimsuit round!

  4. It would have looked so much better if it was just the halter neck or it had complete sleeves .. That cut-out just looks like an after-thought!!
    The dupatta and lehenga are awesome though!!

  5. Wow, Ritu Kumar has been rehashing that design for years now. I think I first remember seeing it on Lara Dutta in black, also on Priyanka Chopra and, it seems, on every contestant after that. It’s weird coz I don’t think it’s that good a design!!!

  6. Why would they wear the same design year after year after year!!!! YAwn! No wonder people have stopped winning.

    And seriously what’s going on with her hair…it’s so out of place and looks really shabby!

  7. why would they wear the same design choli!!!!

    lengha skirt too was prettier last year i think. this year is quite pretty as well. only if the choli style wasn’t repeated.

  8. oh a simple sleeveless blouse or one with sleeves would have looked so much better, and i am sorry to say this, but she looks somewhat odd, the hair hanging on the side, half of the head covered, somehow the whole thing makes her look like a man dressed as a woman.

    What a gorgeous lahenga, a simple makeup, hair and drape and ofcourse a better blouse would have done it for her.

    • ditto@man dressed as a woman. i was about to comment on that last night(particularly the second picture) wasn’t sure if it would be approved. 😀

  9. The lehanga is truly gorgeous!
    Too bad the same can’t be said about the rest.
    Hair– shabby
    Necklace- ugly
    And was it necessary to drape the dupatta over her head? It surely doesnt reflect women’s empowerment or freedom or any of those other ideals that the paegent claims to promote.

  10. just because lara won in thsi cut out sleeved blouse…does not mean its a signature indian sensibility we cant move away from…does it??


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