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While filming for a song in her upcoming movie ‘Do Not Disturb’, we spotted Lara Dutta in a Manish Arora outfit…

We loved this dress when we first saw it on the Spring runway… But on Lara Dutta, we think the bandana and shoes spoilt it a bit… Maybe, it translates well on screen/in the song, we’ll just have to wait and see…


Left: Manish Arora, Spring 2008
Right: Lara Dutta On Location Of ‘Do Not Disturb’


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  1. printed bandana with a super printed dress…not a good idea. but then its a filmshoot…things look different on screen. also, lara is in great shape.

    i sort of like the shoes on tha model.. 😀

  2. Loving the dress on Lara.. but there was no need for that bandana.. looks a little costume-ish cuza it 🙁

    Model’s shoes are niiicee…!! Dunno about wearing it personally but looks great on the ramp!

  3. Yeah…the bandanna is a little too much.
    But I love how she carries off the dress. I think she has a great figure as well…you know without looking excessively thin.

  4. @ karishma .. totally agree 2u i lovve him 2 he d most craetive guy in our industry today 🙂 i also agree with suchi on d sleeve thing
    personaly i love the emb on the waist ( corseted belt )gives gr8 brk 2 d print ..i hate manly lara but i lovvveeeeeeeeeee d dress n colours n creativty

  5. I’m sorry but that dress makes her look like a clown. It looks good on the runway but this is the type of dress that you can’t really wear.

    It might work in a movie/song though. Let’s see.

    and I disagree, she could have toallt pulled it off if she didn’t wear that fugly bandana and shoes
    straight of the runway, with pin-straight hair and bangs and neutrals- she would have done wonders


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