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Ms. Patani was seen at the Elle event in a white cutout gown with a diamond necklace and strappy sandals. I know the motive is to keep attention to the top half, but I can’t stop looking at how awful the bottom half of this gown is. The awkward two inches too high hem and those double slits. Ugh.

Disha Patani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Dear
    The pressure they go through before an event it’s beyond your imagination. Having a profession based on criticising others hard work is too lame. Put better post . Give people knowledge. Get a life. Post once urs own pictures.

    • And yet here you are, reading their blog !
      The bloggers as well as the audience here love fashion and the point is to dissect the clothes, not the wearer. If that’s not your cup of tea then why bother to visit this page, there’s so many other blogs that could cater to your needs.

    • hahaha , are you for real ? In that case so many professions won’t even exist ….including our opposition party . So please , keep your preachings to yourself and maybe follow other blogs which cater to you . THIS is a fashion critique blog . You get it ?

      PnP , you didn’t have to approve this person’s comment . It’s as lame as they think your fashion critique is 🙂 . Please delete it and save them from getting roasted further by other HHC followers

  2. wow! reminded of cut out projects from school.. full marks for symmetry but thats it.. Disha needs a designer who brings out her classy side..

  3. For all the haters- she looks stunning, she can make a rag look like a million bucks. A garment of whatever aesthetic magnitude is just that a garmet. This is a physically fit woman who is entitled to show off her body. She clearly works for it. I for one am proud of the work she puts into herself and her sartorial choices. She makes this gown shine!


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