Jai Ho: Says Galliano!

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When you think of the idiom ‘spreading like wildfire’, you never think it will EVER EVER… apply close to home.

But, guess what! The soundtrack of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ sure is spreading like wildfire! At the recent Christian Dior Spring 2009 Haute Couture show, designer John Galliano walked to the tunes of ‘Jai Ho’! (Wait till the 7:10 mark to see his entrance.)

While I would love to tell you how he did, I don’t want to kill the surprise yet! ENJOY!

Christian Dior, Spring 2009 Haute Couture

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i wouldn’t myself have paired galliano with a.r. rahman together but it seems to have worked. i think ‘jai ho’ is going to be THE song of 2009.

  2. ok i’m confused, did i read this entry a bit late? Because what was the surprise? Coz you already told us that it’s Jai Ho…or was that the surprise and i just came here after u revealed it? lol

    the fashion show was boring, but that’s because i never understand what ur meant to see and look at. i always just end up looking at the models and not their clothes πŸ˜›

  3. he actually used jai ho, o saya…and ringa ringa in the men’s collection for the background music…definitly this music is breaking borders!

  4. lovely gowns…Interesting concept of embroidery towards the inside at the hem.
    and btw, love JAI HO! but Galliano’s walk was funny!

  5. Thanks Nidhi!

    When I saw it for some reason I felt he would break out and do some moves too, but was kind of bummed that he just walks in and walks out and that was it. But, seeing Galliano dancing would have been asking for too much! πŸ˜‰

  6. WOW. this is amazing! i totally thought he was gona do the basketball move lol

    rahman is going to perform this song at the oscars! cant wait!!!!

  7. Yeah..I was expecting some moves too…was really, just sorta gai..I feel like crackin up seeing someone like him struttin, wearing that crazy outfit/hat, to “Jai Ho.” As much as it’s breaking boundaries…it’s still somewhat strange. πŸ˜€

  8. World certainly has become a Global Village.
    His entry was very normal and nothing too dramatic like Indian Designers
    The Fashion show was a treat for the eyes.

  9. i really want to know what happens to these dresses after the ramp show? Do they all get sold? And if no what then…? Do they just sit around is some back room of the designer’s studio? I really want to know … πŸ˜›

  10. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…just another reason love Dior and Galliano (how cute was that! lol)
    they CAN really do no wrong- good for Rahman, he deserves it

  11. I loved the tracks too..so soothing. And I was mesmerized by the gowns, the walk of the models to that background score. Wonderful.

    As much as it is great seeing our music going everywhere, I am still feeling like it’s not fitting. It felt odd.

  12. sp,
    Once a collection is shown, you’ll either see someone wearing a piece or on a magazine editorial. They will also take it back and make more pieces of the same.

    When Sex and the City was filmed, Sarah mentioned that they had flown a dress straight from runway to the film shoot!


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