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Another look that is effective by keeping it simple!

But while Dia looks lovely, we do wish she’d depart from the pastels/neutrals/soft hues just for a bit and give us some major color! It’d be nice to see her in a non-pastel’y short dress and necklace combo just for a change!

Hey, we adore her, its just that we are hankering for some change, of the good sort! 🙂


Dia Mirza At Regale Restaurant Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Nahh her style is dependable, very under-stated. In the times of Malaika Arora and Avanti Birla sorts, this is rare.

    p.s. does anyone ID this dress? I’m such a sucker for gray..I NEED to buy this 🙂

  2. would love to see Diya wear something foxy and sure she could carry it off. but loving the simple look as chic so effortless..shes looking lovely 🙂

  3. I completely agree, but I’m sooo glad that she gets it right majority of the time even if she does play it safe. She obviously has a good sense for fashion so I”m sure she’d get it right if she tried steppin’ out of the box.

  4. I am a sucker for grey when it’s done right and Dia looks absolutely lovely in this dress and is accessorized to perfection..i love it!

  5. this lady is glowing these days!!! n she is not going wrong in her look- love the simplicity n elegance of the this dress n accessories. kudos!!!

  6. I agree with apsara77 – grey when done right looks damn chic!! Agreed this look on Dia has been once too often, yet I can’t stop adoring the look…….

  7. Diya has an amazing sense of clothes – but I feel she’s underrated even in this category. Even this grey number is so pretty and I love the flow-yness about it.

    I like a lot .. I’d rather have her wear pastels, greys, light colors, then try to wear a orange that makes her look like a pumpkin! So no complaints!

  9. you know what, despite my love for vesitility, there is something to be said for having a signature style, that fits your personality (or image, whatever) and rocking it 100% of the time
    she looks lovely, I want that dress

  10. Elegant, classy and a a great set of legs – compared to some of the horrors I’ve seen on these pages – she is a rare breath of fresh air.

  11. Love everything she wears because its always elegant and understated. She doesnt feel compelled to show cleavage and leg in the name of ‘high fashion’ and i applaud her for picking easy silhouettes despite having a great body. She sticks to her trademark style and always looks fantastic.


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