A Face Off

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Which of these ladies wore it best?


Left: Kim Sharma
Right: Mansi Scott

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Kim tried to do a casual, and fell short (no pun intended), Mansi made it look really stylish….with her slick bob and her gold shoes, adding that definite bling….

  2. Kim sharma looks like she just walked out in her bathing robe.. She’s tremendously under accessorized. Although I am preferring her *shock and horror* in the way that I HATE denim details and I find her collar and buttons better placed..

    If I put aside my intense HATE the other lady is surely better put together..

  3. Kim’s was fine…until the whole picture loaded..It’s not flattering or funny when people forget their trousers altogether. And since when do thong slippers go with formal-ish coats anyway? And something about the crazy threading on mansi’s dress gets right under my skin.

  4. If Kim’s dress was longer, she would’ve looked good. But then, if it was longer, she wouldn’t have worn it!
    The opposite thread stitching on Mansi’s dress looks bad.

  5. I cant believe I’m saying this but Kim looks way better. On the other lady, even though the length is right, the denim dress with ugly accessories just kills the look for me.


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