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Left: At A Badminton Event
Right: At ‘Fiama-Di-Wills’ Press Meet


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  1. YEAH! sure, deepika is pretty! but my issue with her is that she looks too pretty and too well-groomed all the time. she does not seem 2b able to be effortless when it comes 2 style. always very put together and rehearsed even in sporting gear!!!! – not my idea of stylish. wat do u guys think?

  2. the pants are cute and look so comfy, i would wear them.
    @priya, she does look a little too perfect but i guess thats just the model in her. they learn roll out of bed fully made 🙂

  3. With that height, she can carry off almost anything, even if the dress is hideous. I like the second look better, but the first one was for a badminton match, so it would have been better if she had tied her hair. She never ties up her hair for events, only in films. Lovely tresses, but would like a change.

  4. well.. i read somewhere that she has been sporting that bag and those shoes almost everywhere.. so its a ditto for thm too..
    @priya.. u should hear her interviews.. she beats aishwarya too.. so calm and poised all the time..

  5. she’s more polite than aishwarya though – aishwarya’s always biting some reporter’s head off..or anyone for that matter – read somewhere that she’s very possessive of those she loves – perhaps that’s where the defensiveness comes from..

    anyways – deepika seems to be able to put off irrelevant questions without sounding rude..

  6. She just looks so nice all the time. HATE her!! haha. She’s a cutie and knows what to do with her body – just hope she does something different with her hair!! I love her pants. How cute are they?!! Don’t like the shoes. I would love to see her in desi clothes. (Gorgeous in first half of OSO!!) I’m such a fob I like all the celebs to wear desi clothes for a change – get sik of seeing them in western wear. But I love Indian clothes when worn properly. It always make me feel beautiful when I wear desi clothes.

  7. Agree with everyone about the pants. How come my drawstrings and capris don’t look that chic? Maybe it’s the carefully taken time to really tie them up there. Don’t people wear casual when they feel casual anymore?

  8. she is too tall and has a difficult body, nothing suits her,that is why she only rely on tank tops and pants or simple dress,being too tall and big is not cool, i am sure in a year from now she will grow even bigger

  9. yup, y’all r right.the capris do not work here. a short skirt, shorter hair, and ponytail would have done the trick. would have been appropriate for the occasion as well.

  10. eh guys, I don’t like the pants…very 2001-ish
    but I find it amusing that everyone hates Deepika for looking too good all of the time 🙂
    hehe…I sort of have a girl crush on her
    @varsh, I think she does,and I think she should get rid of them, it’s a bit too much

  11. ok i can’t figure out whether she has a good style or not. this outfit is totally not stylish..yet at times deepika looks great! hmm maybe the workings of a stylist vs when she dresses on her own is the difference????

  12. thanksssssssss guys! glad 2 see that i am not the only one who feels deepika looks too good to be true [and i dont mean that in a nice way :-)]

    you guys rockkkkkkkkk! 🙂

    @anita, deepika is around 5 feet 11 inches.

  13. capris do look at a bit 2001-ish…but she looks great..all prim and proper

    funny how the photos are taken..similiar legwork..put ur left leg in, put ur leg out..put ur left leg in and shake it all around…do the boogie woogie la la

  14. She is NOT “too tall” nor “too big”

    If she feels comfortable in tanks and capris then she has a right to wear it. If one is not comfortable its difficult to be confident. Deepika is clealry very confident.

    PLUS she is an actor, which means she most likely has to dress up every day with frequent hair and make up changes.

    When she is not working she has every right to wear what she wants, and do whatever with her hair.

    In my opinion, I give props to Deepika for being one of the few that can maintain a healthy/fit body, and also be one who looks great in capris, tanks, and simple hair.


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