Doing Denim

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While at the same restaurant in Mumbai on two different occasions, both Deepika and Shibani were photographed wearing crop-tops, tie-dye and distressed denims. Deepika of course went the more dressed-up route with make-up and jewelry in place, a Saint Laurent bag and sharp pumps. Dressed-up or dressed-down, how do you like to wear your distressed denims and tie-dye?

P.S: Deepika is wearing Kanika Goyal Label.

Deepika Padukone

Shibani Dandekar

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. They traded clothes n sense of styles.
    Also in the videos Deepika was constantly pulling down one side sleeve of the jacket to retain half worn effect.. ?

  2. Bollywood ladies are amazing, aren’t they? Everyone is wearing tie-dye now? Shibani looks..well…very weird. She could have easily let go off the jacket or worn sweatshirt instead? Deepika’s looks as usual are very curated with the one-shoulder jacket sleeve and all. I don’t mind it as much as I minded her not wearing a mask at a public place with so many cameramen around and she even got almost mobbed by a crowd on her way out. It’s just ridiculous at this point when Mumbai is seeing such a rise in covid cases off late.

  3. Victim of your own fame! Just to keep up with her diva kind of image, Deepika is resorting to this kind of silly fashion I feel.. I miss her Anaita Shroff ,Naeem khan days of styling.. I mean what sense does it make to keep her shoulder down all the while just carry that half worn effect..

  4. Fashion critique is fun but today I was struck by the fact that edited out of this this “candid” leaving restaurant pic of Deepika are a horde of women desperate to sell tissues. Of course inequalities are a part of life but some days they really do trivalise photo-ops and making fun of {ironically) shredded rags.

  5. I just don’t get Shibani’s style. To me it looks like she took a break in the middle of painting her house. Hence the splotchy, paint spattered look.

  6. Not fashion. This is a joke. Both look ludicrous. Cant wrap my head around why someone would wear clothes like this. And that pulled down jacket on Deepika cracked me up. Like, seriously?

  7. $$$$$$$ for every appearance now? Wow.
    So DP is paid $$ for wearing something specific and styled by a fashion conglomerate even for a dinner? So she has to be styled as per some fashion house’s taste everytime she steps out? Jeez, that sounds terrible.
    I have not seen any of the big stars wear anything as per their own fashion sensibilities. Everything is sourced, styled and marketed. Only the newbies wear their own stuff for a while before bagging these giant $$ endorsements. There is no relatable, personal fashion AT ALL.
    Im not talking about Shibani. I think she doesnt own a mirror.


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