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Keeping it classic in denims and a white tee, Deepika was photographed as she exited the airport in Mumbai. Red lip, a floppy hat, Birkin bag and knee high boots finished out the actor’s travel gear. Reservations over choice of shoes (for this weather) aside, can we all agree she looked good!?

Deepika Padukone Photographed At Mumbai Airport

Deepika Padukone

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Problem is I just can’t look past the boots
    I absolutely love all my boots but in the summer?! in icky sticky 90+ degree weather
    UGH! I mean WHY do these people do this to themselves. I know they are going from AC -> more AC but I assume even stepping out for a bit is no fun in knee high boots in the heat
    Especially when the tee is so summery.
    I think one of the biggest issues with so many people on these pages is – as good as they look – season (and often event) appropriateness goes for a toss
    And I just can’t look past that

  2. These people just want to show off their latest accessories. No weather appropriateness nor event appropriateness. Just looking at those boots in hot summer makes me sweaty.

  3. What’s with the fall/winter wear in summer?
    And she was sporting jacket/sweaters in London recently..
    DP please dont remind us of something that is atleast a couple of months away via your wardrobe choice.. Plz plz plz..

  4. As much as I love this girl, she just looks like a witch with dimples. Tht hat doesn’t suit her n doesn’t fit, it’s like perched on top of her head. So this is a downer of a look, if u get past the boots as well.

  5. m feeling her fashion style is getting influneced by ranveer singh 🙂 she looks such a chic…but yes cud do better with the boots 🙂

  6. Why would you wear boots in summer with a tee unless you are from Texas and are sporting the cowboy look. Only deepika can manage to look good & stupid at the same time.

    • Hahaha… the last line had me in splits..
      exactly my thoughts… and since this is a fashion blog, her looking good here (mostly thanks to her face) doesnt count here !
      its a very stupid look.

  7. This isn’t the first time I see Dp in boots in wrong places ,wrong weather..waist up everything is good..As cute as that hat is just an overkill in this situation

  8. P&P mention at the end of their description : “Let’s ignore the weather appropriateness and comment on the look.”

    HHC readers: OMG SO WEATHER INAPPROPRIATE OMGOMG awrwysagysdagydyegye

    Amusing! *wink* *wink*

  9. Even if I were to ignore the boots I don’t feel she wears the hat very well . Not everyone can make a hat work and Deepika looks more foolish than stylish .

  10. I used to like her dusky complexion. Now I just cant’t help but wonder why is she getting so pale. And since she is working or travelling almost all the time it certainly can’t be “stay at home treatment”. And BTW those boots in Mumbai in July combined with the hat AND the glasses…too much to take in.

  11. Well, she is returning from London and that’s why the boots 😛 When I am there I wear boots most of the time and fly back in the same! And no! I am not her publicist 😛

  12. Has she enrolled herself in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? This look makes no sense at all…. those knee high boots, felt hat… red lipstick. Sorry but even that face cannot salvage whatever it is that she is trying to pull here.


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