The Long And Short Of It


Past week, Ms. Padukone has been super busy promoting Desi Boyz and was spotted twice wearing Halston Heritage’s pleated dress. First, in Dubai she picked the long maxi and then in Mumbai, the short frock version.

If we didn’t know the difference, we might have been tempted to think she just cut the dress. :P

Left: Deepika Padukone at Desi Boyz Promotions in Dubai
Right: Deepika Padukone at Desi Boyz Promotions in Mumbai


  1. I thought she just cut her dress. In America a lot of Senior girls do that 2 their prom dresses cuz after 12th grade cuz they go off 2 college and can go clubbing in the same dress in its shorter. I like the bright red dress. my style 4 sure


  2. Would love to just reach up and ruffle her hair a bit… for some reason she always looks a little too impeccably plucked and coiffed and groomed– even when that’s not the intention of the “look”. It makes her look stiff, distant, almost mechanical. Hope to see you “letting your hair down” and embracing a more relaxed image some day, Deepika.




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