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Deepika attended the closing ceremony of the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival wearing a ruffled top and pant skirt from Gauri and Nainika. First things first. At first glance, if not for the label credits, I would’ve thought she re-wore her Naeem Khan pants from IIFA 2013 with just a different top. Having said that, the bunching on the trousers was very distracting here. It still could’ve been salvageable if the eye-makeup was dewy. The smoky eyes here make it seem like she’d been crying for hours.

What did you think of her look?

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone


Left: Naeem Khan, Fall 2013
Right: Deepika Padukone At IIFA Rocks 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I agree 100%
      Are we bias towards Deepika ?
      Them when it comes to Sonam ,Twinkle..
      You both have nothing to say, even though
      They looks hideous most of the time.

  1. Anushka did this so fabulously at the sports awards
    In I think an atsu sekhose. I have a question why doesn’t Shaleena always repeat a style quite instantly after someone else has worn the same. I am sure she is not copying but is it just a coincidence ?

  2. Her eye make up looks stunning in the videos . It was glossy which doesn’t show in these pics making her look much harsher.
    About her dress ..don’t really care for it . It’s not bad but something we have seen her wear before

  3. This is so so similar to what Anushka wore for the ‘INDIAN Sports Honors’…wonder why she always chooses to copy other’s styles, especially when Anushka wore it so recently!

  4. I think she looks great. Maybe the first priority should be about looking nice and then digging deeper into the specifics and nitpicking. I see no positive comments at all from you about this look despite her looking really nice.
    She does voluminous – its called out, she does sleek – its called out, she goes dewy – it is called out…I know she has made fashion missteps but you must give credit when its due.
    Otherwise, it takes away from the credibility of the critcism.

    • There doesn’t have to be anything positive. Fact is Deepika’s style is just “passable” because of her natural good looks. Otherwise she’s one hot mess.

  5. Just can’t fault it despite being done by so many people including herself like above.. she looks a lot better and polished dewy this time. I think the make up and hair holds this look..

  6. So, IMO this is much better than what she was serving before. This and her last appearance at least set the tone right for what looks pretty on her instead of just jumping on silly trends because let’s get that straight- even *she* can’t pull off anything under the sun.
    For this specific appearance, I have two criticisms.
    1. Smoky eye makeup would have been perfect but the noob mistake here is that even her lower eyelid is extremely dark. They should have kept it smoky on the upper eyelid only and may be just the outer corners of the lower eyelid.
    2. there is always something unfinished about most of her appearances. Like the pants here are so badly creasing and bunching up and the shoes are honestly unnecessarily fancy. It’s like she and her team go the whole hog and then kind of give up on the little details which matter hugely.

  7. And how great would it have been if she had reworn the old pants. DP is a big enough celebrity to rewear some old pieces from her wardrobe.

  8. Imagine having the best of stylist but always ending up in same looks. Who should be at faul? Not done DP. Please get some refreshing changes. Come out of safe world.

  9. Wow, that is putting D under the microscope and scrutinizing her. OVERALL, she looks SMASHING! love her make up, yes, even her eye make up, she looks so fresh and dewy love the simplicity of the white/black look… this girl has style and please admit it that HHC you are just jealous! SHE ROCKS!


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