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Latest round of movie promotions had Deepika picking an Anamika Khanna sari to wear. Signature styling that this time included silver jewelry by Silver Streak rounded out the actor’s look. A look that might not have given us a pause but one that she sure looked nice in.

P.S: Wish that pallu wasn’t so long. I wonder if it trails that long on someone as tall as her, what happens to mortals like us?!

Deepika Padukone At Chhapaak Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The pallu is kept long by her stylist for effect !
    In the pic you can see someone holding it up.
    Only during posing it’s let down to trail

  2. Would ya ladies please stop calling yourselves “mortals”!!! It’s annoying when gorgeous women compare themselves to popular, heavily made up filmstars who have a sleuth of experts under their elbow to make them look like they do.

    In my opinion you HHC ladies are far better looking and fresh faced than a certain tired, hazy looking fillum ishhshtar! I can say this coz I have seen your pictures!!

      • Excuse me? I challenge DP or any of her ilk to spend a year in the life of any of us “mere mortals”, working a 9-5 job without a personal trainer, dietitian and hair&make up person on their pay roll. Remove the “dejiner” clothes, photoshop and airbrushing. Honestly, i doubt THEY will look as good as US.

        • That is not the point – it is DP’s job req to look good and she does a great job of it. It is ridiculous for regular folks like PnP to compare themselves with DP. Just coz you can hit a few rallies, doesnt mean you compare yourself with federerer or Nadal. Just keep it real and live in your skin

  3. Can I say something? I think for her promotions of this film, she should have worn very nice and elegant suits, maybe even simple suits like the kind Kajol wore for her Tanhaji promotions.

    Everything she has worn has felt so over the top and flashy. Her ridiculously big earrings all the time look foolish now. She is promoting a movie with a sensitive topic, a topic that needs more awareness in India. I wish we could have seen her more grounded.

  4. Isn’t it only an Anamika Khanna if it doesn’t make sense?

    P.s. prefer her outfits that I can’t make heads or tails of over this “designer wear”.

    P.p.s for me, the blouse and sari don’t go together – not that I think either are particularly nice individually in themselves..

  5. Saree and blouse don’t gel. Saree is particularly ugly. And having someone carry your pallu like a train is just tacky. Why not drape the saree sensibly?

  6. The blouse is a colour that seems off withbthisbyellow red sari… n the scallops in border make me think of tent cloth designs … DP wears saris amazingly well. This AK is not OK !!

  7. This look seems to have been put together with absolutely no love… It’s like DP and her stylist are dead tired after all promotions and events and run out of ideas… DP is like “whatever” … Let me just get done with another event!

    • Exactly, it’s like they barely tried and just grabbed two pieces off a pile or something.
      oh a saree! oh a blouse! let’s do it! makes no sense

  8. That smile and that figure can carry the most ugly outfit and make it look gorgeous. The saree as it stands is a total miss but on her she manages to make it look good.

  9. The length of the pallu surely depends on the width of a woman rather than her height?! As Deepika is so slim, she will end up with more fabric at the end :)


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