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On the opening night of India Couture Week, Fawad and Deepika walked for designer Manish Malhotra. Like the their look?

Deepika Padukone And Fawad Khan Walk For Manish Malhotra At India Couture Week 2016-1

Fawad Khan And Deepika Padukone For Manish Malhotra, ICW 2016

Deepika Padukone And Fawad Khan Walk For Manish Malhotra At India Couture Week 2016-2

Fawad Khan And Deepika Padukone For Manish Malhotra, ICW 2016

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The red is gorgeous and the work too. But this cropped top lehenga is not working on her. The skirt is high-waisted and sits very awkward on her frame. Pretty necklace. Neck up she looks nice that’s because of her gorgeous eyes. :P

    • +1 I agree! Deepika looks sexy and the color really suits here but the top and skirt are kinda awkward. Fawad looks great, but I do think the scarf (?) could have been skipped.

    • Agree with everything except the eyes.. The Eye makeup didn’t like at all, makes for a fatigued look which is surprising since DP is so fresh faced usually

      • I meant her eyes are naturally gorgeous. Yes this eye make up is infact making her eyes pop down(not sure if thats a word lol).

    • +1 The color looks nice on her and neck up she looks nice.
      But the crop top and high sitting lehenga don’t go with her frame. Don’t like the strands of hair on the side as well. Would have looked better if the top was at least an inch longer at the waist.

  2. I always get the sense that no matter how awful the outfit she may be wearing, Deepika will still look appealing, but I’m sorry this “blouse” is just not working at all.

  3. The color is gorgeous and the embroidery looks ornate and rich – but overall this kind of falls flat for me, maybe it’s because of the hair? And maybe also because most of MM runway shows end with a ornate, deep colored full lehenga. Have seen variations of this same lehenga on Aishwarya, Kareena on his runway.

  4. Let’s start with the important stuff…Fawad, major yummy, although I prefer a clean shaven version. Deepika looks ravishing in that color, but the skirt is a teeny too highwaisted for her. Pretty necklace.

  5. Fawad!!!!! Don’t know what kind of fancy bottom MM has designed but Fawad still carried himself very regally. Unfortunately the lehenga is not working on Deepika :-(

  6. ^ agree with everything said above. I would add doubt over the middle parting. She does have beautiful eyes. I only just really noticed that for the first time!

  7. Here i thought that with Deepikas hot body she could work any look. But that outfit is weighing her down and making her ,of all people, look fat! Her entire upper body looks distorted. Hate everything about both their looks. The only saving grace are their beautiful faces.

  8. The blouse is ill fitting, the lehenga is overwhelmingly voluminous! the make up is garish and the hair is too harsh! Nothing to go wah wah on this look. Bad styling, bad presentation of the top to bottom ensemble. Deepika could have done better! The only thing I like is the color of the outfit! everything else, disappointing!!

  9. Both of them look drool worthy, but no thanks to the clothes for that. Both the high waisted skirt and the low crop top do nothing for DP, and FK looks like he’s been put in a strait jacket kind of overcoat with over wide pants.

  10. Fawad!!!! But why Malhotra wrapped him up so much.. Upto his beard?? Chalo, atleast got to see him. I too like a clean shaven Fawad. The lehenga blouse on Deepika is giving a very 90’s or early 2000’s vibe. Styling should have been different. Colour is gorgeous though.

    • He is a petite man..what have they done? Is she walking on her knees??? She’s certainly taller than MM. I suspect she’s buckling her knees for this pic.

      • Lol yes! I am sure Fawad and Deepika are of the same height. He might be wearing those block shoes which adds couple of inches. But buckling her knees could be a possibility and that is probably why the skirt is sitting awkward on her. :O

    • Deepika must be walking in flats. She is 5 7″- 5 8″ Fawad is 5 10″-11″ also i think if you look closely his shoes have about 1-2 inches of sole so he is gaining around 4 inches on her. I dont think fawad is petite its just that ppl like deepika are taller than regular females and easily tower over him in the famous commonly used 4-5 inch peep toes and loubs. Fawad and Karan Johar are the same height and deepika is definitely shorter than both of them. If you google deepika and fawad on karan’s party i think last year it can give u a clear picture.

    • Also he walked the ramp barefoot with Mahira Khan for Fahad Hussayn back in Pakistan. She is around 5 4″ and is wearing around 4 inches of heel and Fawad is still taller. U should google that too it was one famous barefoot walk…. :-P

    • +1 she should walk for sabyasachi! only manish malhotra can make Deepika look fat. never liked him as a designer. his clothes give a very chikni chameli vibe.

  11. You have to work really hard to make Fawad or Deepika look bad. They are so effortlessly good looking but MM felt the need to wrap them up in yards and yards of unappealing, voluminous fabric and make them look like they are wearing heavy curtains instead. Hate the look with all my heart.

  12. I thought deepika is very tall, how does she look considerably shorter than fawad, is it the angle?
    Anyway the proportions of the dress is ask kinds is wrong

    • Yes the proportions seems wrong. But I feel that even when she wears those teeny blouses with saris, it doesn’t sit quite well on her body (she has a good fit body but still) because her torso is long.

  13. Both outfits are quite horrendous apart from just the lovely rich colours. The fit on Deepika is so bad. Don’t they have fittings and rehearsal before such a huge event? They could’ve altered it last moment also. Just half an inch both sides on both the blouse and the lehenga. Anyway these two are phenomenonally good looking people and despite the horrible tents they are wearing they are still looking amazing.

  14. What heels is fawad wearing, he is suddenly looking so tall, Deepika looking good but the dress is awful except for the colour.

  15. what the hell is that man, Fawad having a smug expression for, ridiculous he looks and that i am so drool worthy pose is nauseating. She looks warm and affable – Dipika

  16. Stunning couple. She has looked better on the ramp in the past. This outfit and that hair aren’t her best but she is still a beauty

  17. Fawad is a killer combo of beauty and talent. Such a charming gentleman he is.
    Despite MM tried hard to make him look bad, he still looks good.

  18. If deepika can’t carry that silhouette then what kind of monstrosity would I, a mere mortal, look like in that dress.. I am really glad you guys have been recently carrying more men in the blog. I think the ones trying interesting looks deserve a post.

  19. Deepika looks gorgeous and may have pulled it off but whatever she is wearing lacks feminity! It’s not doing any good to her… Better luck next time Manish Malhotraji ?

  20. Wat a colossal waste. That high waisted skirt doesn’t sit right and actually makes her look like she has a tummy:0 but the real culprit is that too short blouse, it’s constantly sliding down her shoulders and makes her boobs look saggy:O hate the bloody outfit.

  21. Fawad is way too good looking… His personality adds even more charm…
    I like Deepika’s makeup look but dress could have been better
    but both of them look gorgeous together


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