Day 3: Prashant Verma

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What happens when you throw pop-culture, drama, old-world-glam, new-world-modernism, and attitude into one melting pot? You get Prashant Verma’s collection, but of course!

The collection seemed fit for a starlet or a woman who walks into a room to own it! It had ‘Diva’ written all over it! The designs were bold, in your face and for no wallflower! It was innovative and kitschy at its best! I loved his play on classic lines of evening-wear!

I might not necessarily rush out to buy his clothes, but am sure as hell going to be enjoying them!

For more pictures of the show go Here


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  1. This was the worst show in the history of Indian Fashion. The silhouettes were unoriginal, the garments were badly constructed (how can you have couture gowns with hems that are not hand finished?) and the whole collection was tacky and suneet verma circa 1990. The silhouettes were all copies of Dian von Fustenberg, Oscar de la Renta (sari dress?!) and Versace (remember the digital tie and dye prints Donatella did a few years ago). Its a pity that our fashion vocabulary and fashion sense is so weak that we are taken in by any cheap charade by a gimmicky upstart with not an ounce of fashion sense or originality. At this rate we should be applauding the tailors at Lajpat Nagar who can ape any designer garment! I expected more from this blog – You left me sadly disappointed.

  2. For mr. anonymous-Very simple and convenient as it is, to sit back and dis all the effort put in by someone, who has in fact been succesfully capable of pulling through a critically acclaimed,more than noticable and refreshingly international collection in the national arena, the difficult part, however is to be able to produce something of that level,create the same critical stir and put together a show that most wont forget…Prashat Verma is one of my best friends…I have seen the midnight oit he’s burnt….i have felt the pulsating passion that boy thrives on…..It is unfortunate that we have a breed that will only sit back and spit out venom, when people who dare to be different step ahead to make a mark…not that it bothers them though…

    As far as originality goes….it was a tribute to old school hollywood, a fashion show is not a fancy dress competition wherein one has to be essentially, complulsively outlandish….The boy succeeded more people than he did not…..and his honesty permeated through most sensitive, passionate fashion lovers…and thats what matters…
    Nidhi Yasha

  3. those prints that one saw, by the way, were hand rendered and digitally rendered artworks by the designer himself…..further translated into digital printing…..not sourced out of Sham-Shui-po market in Hong Kong, unlike what scores of the rather acclaimed names in the Indian fashion scene resort to….The fabric was all pure silk, The stones swarovski, the embellishment was all hand done, The gowns in-fact were,hand finished at the hem, wonder which piece Mr. Aonymous is referring to…..The lack of fashion vocabulary and the industry itself at large,at their end is rather apparent with the lack or respect for a genuine and sincere effort.

  4. I actually saw some of his pret at Ogaan I think it was (at Khan Mkt, Delhi) and loved it!
    The screenprinting was so Warhol’esque and I loved the old-world glam and ott pop references!! I still stand by what I wrote then! The clothes are vibrant, fun and uber glam, definitely not for a shrinking violet!
    I liked the collection! Detractors will be dime a dozen, don’t let that bother you!!


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