The How-Not-To Manual

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Wearing a belt with charms that spell C H A N E L isn’t the way to wear a label.

riya-sen-spa-chanel-belt-11.jpg riya-sen-spa-chanel-belt-21.jpg

Riya Sen

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  1. she has great skin! I wonder what cleansing routine she uses…once she had mentioned abt some exotic place that her family packs off to..and there they undergo some whole body cleansing rituals..thru diet etc…hmm..

  2. loll @ the charms

    great skin though. and i beg to differ about genes being all there is to it. i’m sure she must take great pains to keep it glowing like that!

  3. maybe eating lots of fish improves the condition of one’s skin. that’s the only particular difference in a bong diet. i might give it a go and see what happens : )

  4. A Bong opinion 🙂

    Ugh I’m a Bong but my skin isn’t QUITE that nice! She’s got some great makeup happening there, very well matched and blended.

  5. bongs naturally have lovely skin and hair…its coz of all the fish (omega 3) that they consume..have you guys noticed how most of them have big beautiful eyes… childhood was spent in bong nighberhood and one thing common i saw was the women really like to dress up n make an effort to look pretty all the time..even at home they will have full “shringaar”….

  6. hahahahhaaaaa…..its flattering how every1 here keeps saying good things bout bengali…yes..its defintly the fish which works for us..but also we do have a lot of spices…


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