Celeb Spotting At WLIFW

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Spotted these celebs taking to the runways during the recent WLIFW…

So what do you all think, the business of fashion is serious and so fashion weeks should just be about business and fashion, or the gimmick’ey shenanigans are what add glitz and glamor to fashion weeks and so a necessary evil?

Left: Pooja Bedi For Priya Awasthy
Right: Minissha Lamba For Renu Tandon

Left: Alka Yagnik For Sucheta V Merh
Right: Katrina Kaif For Ashish Soni

Left: Sameera Reddy For Falguni & Shane Peacock
Right: Celina Jaitely For Khushali Kumar

Left: Soha Ali Khan For Manav Gangawani
Right: Sophie Chaudhary For Manav Gangawani

Left: Manish Malhotra For Manav Gangawani
Right: Zayed Khan For Manav Gangawani

Left: Robin Uthappa For Raghavendra Rathore
Right: Yuvaraj For Raghavendra Rathore

Left: Kunal Kapoor For Rahul Khanna & Rohit Gandhi
Right: Bipasha Basu For Gauri & Nainika


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  1. I feel they are more gimmicky thank glitzy. Come on, who could agree that the Alka Yagnik, Pooja Yagnik and Sameera Reddy pics are adding glamour to the event? For that matter even our cricketers? Sorry, but am more interested in the clothes than spotting celebrities with otherwise terrible dress-sense walking/strutting/sashaying down the ramp.

  2. It is a free fashion marketing/advertisement; the celebs get to wear/take free garments and people take notice. Establishing and Running your own fashion label could leave you penniless, just like any other businesses, but we often overlook this because it’s all glits and glamour on the surface. The garments which often appear on the magazines don’t mean they are making money most of the time; it’s just that they are popular in the fashion circle.
    Sometimes the emerging designers are creative and unique, they are appreciated, but do they make money? Later they fall into mainstream and have more commercial garments, one of the reasons because they need to pay off their debts to their suppliers. In olden days, only few hundred people could afford couture, so that’s how accessories like Chanel bags, jewelleries, shoes, etc were made so even those who couldn’t afford the couture could still feel they own Chanel. The big labels still run because they make money by selling accessories, but what about the others? They make replica of them and sell, leaving the famous/creative designers in loss because their garments are cheaper. It’s certainly not the most glamorous job in the world.
    Having said it all, I feel designers should let their works speak than have celebs promote their works. It is also about having principles and being honest.
    Pardon my long lines.

  3. Honestly, I don’t care if designers use celebs or not. At the end of the day we are all toiling to make money and as long as they are not doing “darzigiri” and being a plagiarist – it is all fair.

    The fact that Alka Yagnik is walking is kind of cute – she is out of place I agree but she had the guts to join an ultra glamorous event – kudos to her. Also, designers should also try to make clothes for the majority of less than perfect bodies from time to time.

  4. wow nepali you know so much about fashion! r u in the US?

    I agree that the clothes should speak for themselves but I think one has to go with the demand and what sells and what sells is the “celebrity status” so i think it’s a win win situation for celebrities and the designers. it’s a capitalistic world and every dog wants to have its day and one can’t blame them.

  5. I just know one or two things about fashion Rashmi; no, not in the US.
    Even the garments which are commercial/replica or have one/two celebs promoting don’t always make money unless they have a strong back up or some other smooth running businesses. Labels are still expensive to brands/general stores, so we don’t always buy labels. The commercial garments are also big designer rip offs, because the law is that they can’t make exact dresses, but it’s ok as long as they change 10% or 15% from another designer. So what they do is, get pictures/garments which were showcased in major fashion cities and make their versions of them.
    It is sad for the big labels and harder working-talented-creative-determined designers. I guess they all need hordes of celebs wearing their clothes so people may buy their clothes wanting to taste the lives of celebs or have fans who could afford their labels.


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