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Mahsa Is A Louboutin Chica

Spotted Iranian-born model Mahsa attending the music launch of the movie ‘1920’ not only wearing Louboutin ‘Bling Bling’ pumps but also carrying the matching Louboutin asymetrical clutch!

P.S. Before y’all ask, she was at the event because she is being launched in a movie with Ashish Chaudhary called ‘Purple Lake’. 😉

Christian Louboutin ‘Bling Bling’ Pumps
Christian Louboutin Asymmetrical Clutch

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Ditto: A Sandal Edition

Both Ameesha and Mugdha wore the same blue strappy sandals and while, Ameesha picked a blue belt to coordinate her red dress with her sandals, Mugdha chose a simple pink dress and accessorized with chains.

Whose look do you dig more?

Ameesha, TOI Photoshoot
Mugdha Godse, Star Bazaar Opening


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Knockout Knockoff: Part Deux!

After the Balenciaga lookalike, Steve Madden has now come out with its version of the Dior Extreme cutout sandal seen on SJP in Sex And The City…

Gosh, the Balenciaga one was quite different when it came to the details, but this is almost a mirror image!

P.S. Would it be that bad if I bought the Steve Madden one and added all $$$ saved to my “Louboutin” fund!!! 😉

Dior Extreme Sandal ($780.00)
Steve Madden Madiee Sandal ($109.95)

Sara Jessica Parker wearing the Dior Extreme Sandal in “Sex And The City”


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In Her Shoes..

The last time Malaika wore yellow, it was too bright and hardly decent… Cut to the premiere of “Woodstock Villa” and she looked so much better in a demure yellow dress.

And, while we did not like the bow shoes(with this ensemble specifically..), you might want to know that they were “Louboutins”! Yep, “Christian Louboutins”! Am still saving up for a pair…not there yet… 🙁

malaikawoodstock.jpg malaikawoodstock1.jpg

Christian Louboutin Very Noeud Slingbacks

Edit: NJ, you are right.. I uploaded the wrong pic..Here is the correct one..

Source and Source

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Great Minds Think Alike?

We already saw a similar case happening at the Wills Fashion Week this year. A little bit of research and we found yet another case where two outfits look just so similar that it makes you wonder, whether these great minds think alike or did one copy the other?

Manish Arora

Mandira Wirk

And, if you thought this was only an Indian problem, have a looksee at these two pumps below!

Manolo Blahnik Erdem

Christian Louboutin Fontanete

P.S. Thanks Ritu for the shoes lead! 😉

Source, Source, Source, and Source

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