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The last time Malaika wore yellow, it was too bright and hardly decent… Cut to the premiere of “Woodstock Villa” and she looked so much better in a demure yellow dress.

And, while we did not like the bow shoes(with this ensemble specifically..), you might want to know that they were “Louboutins”! Yep, “Christian Louboutins”! Am still saving up for a pair…not there yet… 🙁

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Christian Louboutin Very Noeud Slingbacks

Edit: NJ, you are right.. I uploaded the wrong pic..Here is the correct one..

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  1. I love those shoes!! But I just can’t bring myself to like her or anything she wears… she just always looks so trashy to me.

  2. Hi Payal and Priyanka,
    I have a genuine query.
    Are these costly shoes/bags really worth the money.. I mean to ask that, apart from the “brand tag” is there any thing in terms of quality/uniqueness which really calls for those heavy price tags?
    I myself a brand freak for certain things, but somehow for bags, I always wonder whether they are worth the money…

  3. the louboutin bow sandal looks different than the ones that malaika is wearing. luk at the side of both the sandals. they r not the same.

  4. Hate the bow sandals. Surely if she had to wear Lououtins, there were other choices. I do like the yellow and pink contrast though. I like the yellow dress as well. But she looks trashy….somehow she just gives off that vibe…i dunno maybe its just me..

  5. louboutins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My favorite :)…although i’ll probably have to sell all of my possesions to buy one (and I do mean ONE) shoe 🙁
    Her dress looks nice, but maybe it’s her expression, her makeup or just her herself…she just always looks trashy to me : /

  6. no matter what she wears, her pout, makeup and her overall persona/pose make the look very skanky and tacky. She has no class what so ever..

  7. I, like every other woman, love a good pair of heels. But this right here, is god-awful ugly. With bows as big as these, they better be able to flap and make me fly!

  8. Ughhh!! Its should be a crime for someone to wear such gorgeous shoes with such hideous ensemble!! Malaika always seems to muck it up!..

  9. I actually find the shoes to be fugly and really what is with the weird contacts? I hate when Indian people chose to don random colored contacts that just makes them look like aliens :-/


    If anyone wants have a nightmare… the maybe you have seen Bend it like Beckham.

    Try and remember the shoes which Keira Knightley’s mother owns in the film!

  11. Welcome to hooker central. PS where do pseudo celebs like Malaika find the money to buy their Louboutins and McQueens? Her hubby ain’t no rich guy either!

  12. malaika is one hot mamma. i don’t find her trashy or skanky at all. she does wear revealing clothes but it’s just an image she’s taken on for her career. i am disappointed that she’s wearing coloured contacts. now that’s tacky

  13. Agree with Carol- she’s way overrated and too full of herself..And to be honest, her style is not novel- it consists of a range of strictly revealing/clingy/short outfits and HUGE heels….Don’t dig her at all…


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