Men’s Style Part Deux

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While most men stuck to formal attire at MAMI Film Festival 2017, a few men went the casual route too. Jackie Shroff was seen with his beloved holster again.

Aamir Khan’s shirt seemed to have fit issues, maybe adding the jacket would have helped in making the look less stuffy. Anupam Kher actually wins this round for me.

You agree?

L-R: Jackie Shroff, Imtiaz Ali & Anurag Kashyap MAMI Film Festival 2017

L-R: Aamir Khan, Anupam Kher & Ravi Kishan at MAMI Film Festival 2017

Photo Courtesy: Viral Bhayani

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  1. uggh my eyes!get it together Tacky shroff!

    Agree with you about Mr. Anupam Kher..other than him all of them look bad.
    Why such stumped pose Aamir?
    I never thought i would see Ravi Kishan on a fashion blog..middle part seriously?!

  2. Can’t believe there is a day on this blessed planet that Anupam Kher wins a fashion contest. I bet he won’t either. Not to take away from how good he looks though. What were the others thinking?

  3. Other than Mr Kher all look awful .
    Jacky shroff: what does he smoke

    Imitiaz Ali : get a haircut ( saw an interview of his
    and said he never washes his hair . Ugh

    Anurag Kashyap : confused

    Amir Khan : ummm no comments

    Ravi kishen : get rid of the jacket and the middle parted hair and oh also the hair oil/ gel


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