Bipasha In Vogue: (Un)covered

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I love the icy blue of Giambattista Valli on Bipasha’s skin tone, its fabulous! But my favorite, is her look in the Armani one. Decadent.

voguebips3.jpg giambattistavalli2.jpg
Giambattista Valli Spring 08

bips-11.jpg armani-11.jpg
Armani Spring 08

bips-21.jpg versace-21.jpg
Versace Spring 08

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  1. i missed u girls ..had no idea that yu had changed the addr… i read u frm google reader… thanks to a friend who told me..!

    Bips is looking HOT… i lov the first one and the 2nd 🙂

  2. I still havent changed my mind from the last bips post. Yes she look like a fool in 1 n 3 the 3rd she is looking like a transexual displaying his/her beauty. Second pic is somewhat okie….but somehow I think the dress is kinda dull it is either because the pic is not sharp or either it is not suiting bips body…but I cant wait for bips to get over rihanna!

  3. With reference to comments that might get deleted/edited/moderated:

    There are simple rules to this blog… its purely about fashion and style, and while we respect everyone’s opinion…lets keep the comments impersonal, far from that which is unseemly and strictly pertaining to fashion.

    Personal innuendoes/implied racism/uncalled for remarks aren’t appreciated and will be deleted…

    Come on you guys…you have to know by now that just ‘fashion’ isn’t enough, one has to have style and style isn’t just about clothes…its about dignified behavior….

    And I believe that each of you have your own fabulousness going for you and we love to hear your opinions, every single one of em’, but lets just learn to censure ourselves, shall we..?

    Having said that, around here, we still respect freedom of speech and love to hear everyone’s perspective, even at our own expense, but lets just keep it clean. Please.

    Lets play nice.


  4. The pink dress is soooooooooo beautiful…im going all awwww. Atleast it is on the model 🙂 Why did they mk it a B&W pic? 🙁

  5. i thought you hated the cover- i remember a post about her eyemakeup being too much?

    after aishwarya, i find bipasha to be the most beautiful of present day indian starlets.

  6. hha funny to c all of u jus follow payal n priyanak they say its bad u say its bad they say good u sing good…coolll…yep all of u jus cred bout the cover page givin yr so called expert oipino bout her eye makeup…lol grow up..

  7. I loveeeeeee her in the pink versace…she looks very “marchesa” ish..or atleast what i would imagine her to look like

  8. Emma,NIKHATER,
    FYI, The cover post was written by me and this is by priyanka.. Sometimes people don’t realize that..
    Either ways, I had loved the dress too..Its the makeup that was too heavy for me…

  9. love all three dresses. bipasha has alot of presence while carrying off runway costumes. the blue Giambattista is lovely and i love the tan armani lace against her skin tone but i find the pink versace dress to be divine and i wish bipasha’s picture was in color just to see how she would have carried that particular color off.

  10. she definitely looks gorgeous in all these beautiful dresses. i also have to agree that the make up in the blue outfit is horrendous!

  11. only like her second pic.. and wish last pic was’t black and white. love the pink dress on the model.

    but yeah.. bips is trying way to hard.. methinks.. i don’t did her catty eye makeup

  12. only like her second pic.. and wish last pic was’t black and white. love the pink dress on the model.

    but yeah.. bips is trying way to hard.. methinks.. i don’t dig her catty eye makeup

  13. Emma,NIKHATER,

    If you notice, I merely commented on the fact that I love the dress (first one) on her, no mention of eye make up was made (because it was already done once) and if I recall it right (which I do), Payal loved the dress too!

    Perhaps I should have clarified and reiterated my stance on her eye make-up again? Love dress one. Make-up not so cohesive with the dress and look in pic one.

  14. oo the first outfit is good but the backgrd of the cover is kiilin it…light bblue on white not comin out good..n the dress is givinsuchhaaaa fresh cool kinda effect but the hevy eye gothic kinda makeup is so nonon…n the hair alsi isnt suitin her total wannab…

  15. Hi Gals! Love this blog! Just wondering…is the Armani Bips is wearing the same one that Aishwarya wore to the Kung Fu Panda premier at Cannes? Bips looks hot!!

  16. P & P as long as no one is abusing anyone, calling names or behaving in a dim-witted manner…no one is harming innovation of the fashion, blog or celebs…yet the site owners can put a tab on free speech.

  17. Pearl

    We rarely ever delete comments around here, anyone can attest to that. However, if it is your own comment that you are referring to, it was only edited because there was one word used in it that could have racial derogatory connotations to it and we were only being sensitive to that.

    We are the last people who would impede free speech. And sorry if you felt that you were being censured, we were only looking at the bigger picture!

    Hope to see you around more often. 🙂


  18. Pri you could be write in an eye of a blog owner but what do you call a red head ? a red head ? what do you call a black girl ? Black girl ?

  19. the eyemakeup probably works, but someone on Vogue India’s photoshop team made her lead look tiny! or maybe it’s the haircut, I’m not sure…

    not a fan of the photoshoot. it’s not really very graceful.

  20. i think bipasha luks fab in all d three dresses….she is damn hot n sexy…carries all outfits with panache…i guess u ppl still lyk conservative indians dont lyk dusky women/girls


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