Keeping It Casual

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It was all casual for both Bipasha and Kangna at recent movie screenings.

Both ladies chose to wear coral/peach dresses that they paired with black ankle-strap flats… That of course brings us to, whose look do you like better?

Bipasha for us, wins this match-up by default. Kangna’s look just didn’t work.


Far Left, Left: Bipasha Basu At Inception Screening
Right, Far Right: Kangna Ranaut At Twilight Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. kangana’s dress is worse than towel wrapped. Its like a ugly bedsheet turned into a sack with holes to put ur neck and hands.

    fugly !!!

  2. That is one fugly outfit on Kangana. Those ankle strap flats on Bipasha is equally bad too. How difficult is it to wear something nice and casual!

  3. its Bips for me. Her simple pony tail, less make up and comfy dress come together well. However Her footwear is not that great but just fine.
    Kangana – I don’t even want to start commenting.

  4. WTH is wrong with Kangana’s hair!? Pathetic mess…pathetic colour. And that dress is so bad….I probably haven’t seen such an ugly dress in a long time.

  5. Bipasha looks ok, but Kangana looks like a busty sanyasin wannabe. And what are those stains on the front near her belly button area? Just ewwww…

  6. P&P pls tell me wat is this long shrug tat bips is wearing called? Is it safe to call it cardigan/ shrug or it’s called somethin else? And where can I get in Mumbai.
    I think it’s perfect for Mumbai gd enuf to cover u.. And light enuf to not make u sweat..

  7. oh no! its Kangana for me! I love the casual chic vibe that she has going…whats to like abt bipasha’s look?? her footwear in fact I hate..looks too big or something…

  8. hats off to Kangna for daring to experiment ALL the time with her hair and attire — even at the cost of slipping up sometimes.

  9. bips look the better of the two here. i’m a die hard kangana fan but even i have to admit this dress isn’t doing anything for her.

  10. There’s nothing much to say about either of their looks. Very blah!!
    But I do love love love the BMW X6 parked behind Kangna. So awesome!! I want one so darn badly. 🙂


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