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At the IIFA Rocks event in Madrid, Bhumi was seen in a pastel Geisha Designs gown, one that you’ll remember seeing also on Trisha a few months ago. I wasn’t a fan of the gown before and this appearance has changed my opinion of it either. What was worse here was the fit on the bust. I don’t mind a bit of cleavage but here her breasts looked completely squished!


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  1. Wow.. I never found her looks worth commenting in the past… but something here makes her stand out for the first time…It’s that confident smile!! She really should stop with the fierce cheeks-sucked-in poses. Plus, the makeup is great. (In fact almost everyone in this event has good makeup on).
    About the fit at the bust, maybe her breasts are like that.. I mean not everyone has a perky pair which is FINE.. and then there’s always some scotch-tape for help.

  2. I dn’t think her breasts r squished.. evn in her previous post, her breasts luk d same..reminds me of Padmalakshmi(in a gud way). D best thing here is she is smiling 🙂

    • Padmalakshmi.. You said it there. And YES, in a good way. Just like others here and you, I really like this look. She looks so damn happy & vibrant in that second pic that it alone is negating the flaws the look has. I quite like it. 🙂

  3. Hate that gown with all those bad looking cutouts all over but I like this sighting of hers.The girl should smile more often. She looks pretty!


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