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Wearing a pastel Geisha Designs gown, Trisha attended the audio launch of her movie Nayaki in Hyderabad on Tuesday evening. The gown gave off the illusion of a crop top and skirt but was actually a one-piece. Hair in an updo, her look was finished out with jewellery from Kiara.

Some of you may immediately dislike the look because of the peekaboo tattoo but I wasn’t quite satisfied because of the gown. I don’t quite like the the design of the bodice. Either do a revealing neckline or a peekaboo midriff. Both together just feel too in your face.

But, that’s just the gown. Trisha, overall, looked nice.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i don’t particularly like the gown, but i think trisha looks really good here. the neckline though deep, and the added midriff cut-out should be in-your-face, but don’t, imo. that’s a rare feat.

  2. Deep neckline with midriff cutout doesn’t look too into your face on Trisha. She has a classy demeanor to make it look pleasing. Styling should have been more effective to elevate the look.

  3. She looks lovely. The boobs nor the midriff exposure is not on the face because of her body type. It looks completely fine. I hate tattoos of any kind on anybody . Of course the exception can only be David Beckham. <3 He makes it all work.

      • I for one don’t even understand whats the deal with tattoos. Its a beautiful body everyone possesses why torture it with needles and get an image done on it. I feel it only lessens the beauty of anyone rather than adding. But then whatever floats their boat I guess. 😀


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