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It was a busy evening for Ms. Tewari who put in appearances at two different events in a Morphe top which she paired with a fun pair o’ pants and black pumps… We thought she looked great; loved the look on her!

Can we take a moment to talk about those glasses? Love ’em. Want ’em. Need ’em.

Bandana Tewari At Rohit Gandhi And Rahul Khanna Store Launch (Left) And At The Diesel Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Um.. You’re kidding, right?

    Experimentation is important – but that doesn’t mean every whacky outfit that is conjured up is great simply because it’s whacky.

  2. even the poor lady knows the glasses are fugly and takes them off in the 3rd and 4th pic. guys, i hope you are not being paid for kissing A$$

  3. 😛 oll

    Someone wasn’t paying much attention while writing this post because:

    (1) it was raining shoes outside

    (2) had finished her 2nd glass of margarita

    (3) both

    • I know right!!! I feel like because it is Bandana, no matter what she wears even “what the heys” like this is teemed as fashion forward. I love quirky, but come on, this look is neither flattering nor fun.
      Do love the glasses though.

        • Yup, if out of the blue this is what Ms. Rai Bachchan would’ve worn, she would’ve been trashed indeed. Exactly the same way Ms. Tewari would’ve been had she suddenly worn a velvet (and/or net) embellished, sequin, Manish Malhotra sari or anarkali number.

          It’s not just the clothes, it’s also who’s wearing them, where, what their personal style is and how they can pull it off. Fashion doesn’t always have to mature, overly thought-out and serious… It’s great for it to be organic, intuitive, eclectic and funky as well. It’s fun. At least that’s how we see it.

          Feel free to disagree.


          • Priyanka, a fugly attire remains a fugly attire no matter who wears it!!! There’s not ONE redeeming feature in this whole sorry outfit. This particular ensemble was meant for someone who’s at least a foot taller than Ms Tewari and at least 20lbs lighter ( and at least 10 years younger). It’s neither organic, nor intuitive nor eclectic…it’s plain and simple “trying too hard”. Please stop putting Bandana Tewari and Sabina Chopra up on a pedestal for being “quirky” and “funky”. Do them a favor by sending both of them full-length mirrors as a gift from HHC readers!!

          • i love for it to be organic and eclectic and fun : thats me ! but, i am not going to wear something that is plain ugly!!!

          • There is fun and quirky, and then there is plain old WTF ugly… and this is the latter. Definitely experiment, but know your body’s limitations and where to draw the line….

  4. thats eww… nothing works.. i am all in for quirky, nerdy, big, colourfull glasses…but not when they make you look plain stupid or funny…

  5. hahaha, i started the thread saying Yikes!! and i noticed one thing till now that each one of the comment says its a “Drab” LOL

  6. I beg to disagree…I simply love love love her funky glasses!! I want ’em too PnP 🙂
    Don’t know but there is something about his woman…maybe her face…she can carry off just about anything in this world!! Some people just have it in ’em!!
    Love her gorgeous face!!

  7. did she pay you to write this post? lol..j/k

    seriously…if you liked that, I’m starting to have serious doubts about your taste now…


  8. Well here’s someone to perk up and take notice of! Seen dia – scroll scroll, seen sophie – scroll, scroll, Bandana’s different! I love those pants haha (especially in the third picture) She looks like someone I’d actually want to know more about.

    • Oh no…i just saw those cutouts in her top and I take it back…her overall look is WTHeyyy not just those glasses…yup nothing works in this look

  9. Ridiculous….I totally agree to what FashionVictim replied to you P&P….not even the most fun person can work this outfit. Am seriously starting to question your fashion knowledge!

  10. I may not be able to sleep tonight after looking at this catastrophe in the name of fashion! This is just unfair coming from someone who has the freedom to put together a look from the best of the labels in the industry 🙁

    Still scratching my head to figure what is nice (even remotely!) about this look which makes PnP “like” it. PnP enlighten please?

  11. Flashback to a kitty party that ended in a screaming match. I can almost smell the Avon perfume from here.
    I’m so sorry but it’s just not working for me. The glasses might be seen as “ironic” with another outfit entirely.
    Obviously with a full bust this woman needs a tunic-y top that flows over her…ahem…assets so I understand that part of her plan.

    But maybe a simple flowy black t-shirt with a handkerchief hem, lighterl makeup and loose hair to bring the glasses forward as a statement piece. The thing is that with the business of the top, the shiny slicked back hair and overly glowy makeup the glasses get lost. It’s like too much going on at once. The pants are quite nice and had she kept everything else simple to emphasize them &/or the glasses it might have been a win.

  12. I’ll be the first one to applaud an ecletic, funky look (like that girl some months ago – I forget her name – the one with the huge pink flower in her hair I think), BUT seriously, this is HIDEOUS. Just LOOK at those leggings. And I own many pairs of funky cat eyed sunglasses myself but seriously? this is just attention seeking: ‘Look at me, I’m so different’

  13. y bother running a site when ur too frightened to review correctly?
    n y put up pix lik this at all?
    shez a sure site for sore eyes!
    come on ladies b a bit more honest here….


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