Anjala In Trina Turk

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Turns out Anjala’s printed dress was a Trina Turk…

Anjala Zaveri

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  1. Well, whaddya know. It actually looks better on her than it does on the model. Still screams uterus to me though, especially on the model. Its freaking me out.

  2. The dress is okay for her body type.

    But, how old is this Anjali woman? She made her debut with Akshaye Khanna in 1997. Bollywood has become a place for so many wannabes (guys and girls) – the one who never make it, never stop trying, in other words, never miss the opportunity for some press, and hardly have their work speaking for their continued exisitence!

  3. Uterus lol.. i was just looking for THAT word…i was about to post a comment that the design on the dress looks like some female organ ahahahahah


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