In Alexander McQueen


It’s not like we hate this McQueen on Avantika but we do think if it stopped an inch higher or if the shoes were more interesting, she would have looked tons better. Love the neon Dior clutch that she contrasted the look with!

Left: Avantika Malik at Bombay Times 17th Anniversary Bash
Right: Alexander McQueen Tweed Mini Dress

Photo Credit: Bombay Times


  1. The biggest mistake Avantika makes is that she rarely dresses for her body type. It seems like she just picks clothes she finds visually appealing without thinking about how they look on her. Paying attention to the cuts, lengths, colors etc that suit her specifically, would do her a lot of good.

    This dress here would look great on someone taller, or a shorter version of it with diff heels (as the writers stated) would have turned this around.


  2. I think she looks really good! Don’t mind the length of the dress at all, I think she has a nice silhouette going on here. Maybe some tall gladiator sandals would’ve looked cool, but there is enough visual interest in this outfit anyway I think :)


  3. if you must feature her (and i dont kow whyyy you bother; this is like the awful celina jaitley phase this blog went through) then please dont put a picture of her dress as worn by the model next to avantika’s photo. its all too depressing.




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