In Anamika Khanna

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Wearing a black Anamika Khanna creation, Athiya stepped out for the opening night of NMACC. In any other color, I might have disliked this, but I loved it in the black and Athiya sure wore it well.

More pics inside, including a brightened up version of this pic to show details of the outfit.

Athiya Shetty

Athiya Shetty

Athiya Shetty

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I cant even figure out exactly what the outfit is.. where does it begin and even end? agree with the above comment on what on earth is that mogra garland like thing around her ankles??? she can topple over any moment. maybe I am too inept to understand Anamika Khanna’s high fashion

  1. Oh god. I thought she was missing a leg at first glance!
    She pulls the outfit off like she usually does, but what IS the outfit? Is it 3-piece? 2-piece? Is there a dupatta?

  2. She could have Def been a super model at international stage. She has walk, stance and grace to make any outfit look appeal-able : even the kind here, which we can’t figure out heads and tails of!

  3. Athiya looks good most of the times not just because of her outfits.

    She has grace, poise and displays retraint with accessories.

    The fact that she owns supemodel looks adds to it.

    But basically she makes sure she wears the clothes and not the other way round.

  4. It’s to Athiya’s credit she looks good, inspite of this confusing ensemble.

    BW should stop wearing AK. That way, she might change and move on from these weird creations. But because these ladies keep patronizing her designs, she must think all is a-ok and will continue on this path.


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