Asin In Manish Arora

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While we have to wait a long time before we see Lara in her Manish Arora outfit in ‘Do Not Disturb’, feast your eyes on Asin for now, who also wore a Manish Arora strapless dress in the song ‘Aye Bachchu’.

The dress in question is the strapless one worn with short hair.

Asin in Ghajini


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  1. From whatever I could see of it(and I couldn’t see much), the dress is typical Manish Arora – all colors of the rainbow included. This girl is so pretty.

  2. Couldn’t see the dress very well.. but people would have eventually figured out that it was a Manish Arora since it screams THAT… but hey love the song … AWESOME !!!!!

  3. now I dont really like asin specially cos she does not know what to do with herself…the anarkali and this manish arora aside… I have to say she looks really really good here in manish arora’s design, the best shes probably ever looked in terms of styling… ever!
    but the other looks in the song, not liking it..the crappy black dress with that devilish red lips and that cowboy theme, not working!

  4. she luks gud in watever we her in…i wish i had a dress frm manish’s collection to show my manish arora makeup frm mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. WOOOWW!!….ASIN TOTALLY ROCKS!!!…dis girl is soo lively! ….hatein vogue for da cover pic they had of her…y give her dat horrible dress n make-up?? shes stunning myn!

  6. i think asin has such a traditional face but i am loving the fact that she carries off any look with such ease! wow!!
    u guys are great.. spotting this so quick

  7. the song is strange
    but I love her in this 🙂 Love the short hair and the pop art theme
    her expressions are great to- different fromt he stony typical bollywood sexy look
    <3 Manish Arora

  8. Yo Man… what a fundoo dress and attitude.
    Loved the colorful neon strapless dress and the tights. Is she teaming up the dress with nice patent pumps with killer heels? I was not able to make out from the short clip.
    Very few women can carry the short hair with style and Asin sure did a great job.

  9. @K: She looks okay only when paired opposite to maybe Ajay Devgan, Nagarjuna (who have good height). But say Aamir, Salman or any of the choclatish looking lot (in *those* days-90’s) she looked more manlier. Aunty looking when she was cast next to Abbas and Vinit in a Southie movie!

  10. My God! This is the third post I’m coming across today that suggests that height is manly. What’s wrong with our mental makeup on height? I can understand that Tabu looks bulkier than most heroines and has a different kind of voic which may be perceived as ‘manly’ (though I think she is quite feminine and beautiful), but since when is height manly? Why are supermodels necessarily tall then? Sometimes I think it’s some kind of conspiracy between the average short Indian woman who doesn’t like her taller counterparts, and short Indian men who feel insecure with tall girls around.

    oh and this is no offense to you or anything saya, it’s just that I’ve seen so many posts suggesting this!

    And yes, Asin looks fab and carries the short hair especially well. Beautiful face, that lady’s got it.

  11. Asin looks glorious….!! She has a very LA type California face… something about her.

    The song is not something for me… too teen-ager like..


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