In Cinq à Sept


For a recent round of promotions (that included a bit of travel first), Anushka served up some serious color by way of her Cinq à Sept separates. With her hair pulled back in to a ponytail, she rounded out the look with earrings by Misho and a pair of minimalist sandals.

Between the color and the ruffles, you’d think we’d be screaming “overwhelmed” but that wasn’t the case. Anushka made every bit of that look work for her!

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. “Every bit worked for her” P&P?? You are joking right?
    Or did Anushka’s PR kidnap the real P&P and plant a stooge?
    Looks like she was chased by a dog when she wearing an orange maxi and it turned into this outfit

    • I am legit dear RR. She is Mrs Virat Kohli and I am sure her PR machinery will be far better than you or I or any innocent bystander. So it is good to repect diversity and different opinions. No offence meant

  2. Pray tell…how does this look merit the “ made every bit of that look work for her” comment? Looks like borrowing the local circus clown’s pants qualifies as high fashion these days.

  3. It baffles me how someone who professes so much about adoption and compassion towards animals carries brands (like Chanel) that are ridden with cruelty and endorses Nivea etc that does animal testing…

    • Bollywood will “support” any cause as long as they are paid. No one is Bollywood cares about animals or environment…it’s all about the moolah you can rake in using your celebrity. She appeals to people not to burst crackers during Diwali but happily comments on Twitter about how good the mutton biryani was or how good the fish tasted.

      Hope the bloggers post this comment.

    • Supriya, l thank your for pointing it out – this has confused me for so long and I have wondered why no one has asked her this outright? She uses leather handbags and wears leather shoes all the time and PETA’s stance on this is very clear… I was so shocked when she received the PETA Person of the year award (or something of that name) despite that. A classic case of people ignoring her hypocrisy because she is a woke A-list celebrity.

  4. Even Anushka cannot salvage this red monstrosity. And to reply to a previous comment on celebrities taking a stand for what they believe in, that is something alien to the Bollywood breed. I don’t think they have a spine to actually stand for anything. Case in point, PC bursting trust loads of crackers for her wedding party months after being the voice of ‘No Crackers for Diwali’. Its sadly all a money game for them. P&P please post!!!



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