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As has become the norm these days, Anushka made an appearance In Character while promoting her movie.

We’ve usually found these In Character appearances either cringeworthy or being tolerable by virtue of relativity… In this case though, being totally smitten by the outfit we don’t really care if it was In Character or not! πŸ™‚

We love it.

The outfit is by Divya Anand.

Anushka Sharma At Band Baaja Baarat Musical Promotional Event

Anushka In Band Baaja Baarat

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Yashraj Films

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  1. I loved this outfit from the first time i saw it onscreen! but in the real life appearance why is the hair so disheveled? love how she looks in the song though!

    • soooooooo many colours!! an yet they complement each other and live in harmony! add to that d silky glaze! if done any other way, or even too many accesories wud hav ruined it! but now it looks AMAZING! PLZ TELL US WHO IS IT DESIGNED BY AN WER CAN V GET 1!

  2. i love patiala shahi salwars lol

    she’s also wearing the same jewellery too…wow that’s a first. Usually, you see people wear a similar style to the movie, not the actual outfit/shoes/jewellery

  3. I love this. I love the slightly longer sleeves and the colours. It’s exactly how I dress when I wear salwar kameez. I even wore something very similar for Eid!

  4. it’s a pretty combination but that’s all i can say for it. see a bunch of these at almost every punjabi function in delhi so can’t reallly understand the fuss…

    • actually you see a lot of gaudily dressed people at a punjabi function.
      but this outfit, as bright and loud as it is…is not gaudy, its just right.

  5. To Fashion Police,
    Any idea where I can buy suits like this online? Due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot shop in India anymore and am now restricted to what my aunts and cousins send over, which is unfortunately not my style, I have tried buying here in Little India in LA but styles are still a year behind Delhi I feel…would appreciate any advice!

  6. It’s pretty, but generic, no? Nothing special. Also, is it just me who thinks the top looks like a cheap polyester? Anushka is a pretty girl though, and has a nice warm smile.

  7. “In this case though, being totally smitten by the outfit we don’t really care if it was In Character or not! πŸ™‚

    We love it.”

    all these crazy loud garish colours in one outfit and you love it? she looks like bozo the clown in this outfit. sorry.


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