Oh, Baby!!

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Anushka is a person who adds personality to clothes and we love her for it. Alas, at the Belvedere Bash, she couldn’t do enough to make the green look work. There is a reason, onesies are for babies and not ladies.

Anushka Manchanda at Aki Narula’s Belvedere Bash

Photo credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The first thing i think of, whenever i see this length, is how do these people manage to sit ? or do they spend the entire time standing near the pillar ….

    but anushka seems to have managed the impossible … though now i am worried what will happen when she stands up ……..

  2. Honestly, this look would have been great if the bottom portion were a bit more tailored – perhaps pleated (in which case, obv. in a non-jersey material). Otherwise, I quite like this look – it’s sexy in a very casual way.

  3. I know she has a nice figure and is super thin but still on a grown up women in public this is WTHEyy. I think people have panties longer than that.


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