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Those with enviable and rather ginormous closets do repeat their clothes too. Even if it takes them over two years to whip it out again, repeat they do. :p

Spotted this Oscar de la Renta dress on Anu back in 08 only to see it on her again at the recently held Hello Hall Of Fame Awards 2010. Not that we are complaining, we happen to love this dress. Like last time, she once again paired the dress with a gold BV Knot but instead of the open-toed heels opted for pumps.


Anu Dewan At Hello Hall Of Fame Awards 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. seriously? she seems to have gone up a dress size, but no one told the dress! her boobs look totally squashed out of shape — unless it’s the angle of the pic?

  2. This lady is so boring even if she has an envious closet. The updo nazis have no word on the flat & greasy hair? N/A on Kapoors and Dewans, I see. :P. Not fond of this green piece. The dress (or the ill fit) is making her look flat chested.

    • Totally agree…despite her envious closet…everything falls flat on her…I don’t know if its her personality that does not shine through in the pics…or is it her same made up face/expressions…or is it her same flat hair in every pic???

      • Completely agree! I was just about to post the same thing! And I agree with Jasmine up there, this dress is way too small on her chest area, her breasts are flattened!


  3. ROFL!

    One would think that wearing a dress after 2 years would be good enough…but no, P&P, you’re too good! It’s like “damn! they found out!”


  4. Her boobs are this Mutilated brother of parabola when a truck runs over them. Couldn’t she get a Larger size for this amazing piece of garment?

  5. Disagree..

    the dress is lovely and should be worn by someone a size smaller and have the style to carry it off.

    this lady doesnt have it..

  6. She would do well to put it back in her closet; the dress certainly doesn’t fit her any more…boobs and tummy are struggling against the tight fit of the dress. Hate to mention this, but her expression or maybe the turn of her features always suggest to me that she’s, perhaps, smelling something bad.

  7. I hate to say this but she makes every designer dress look like a ‘frock’ from darzi. I am sure she is a sweet girl but really lacks personality.

  8. The dress is doing this woman no favors. Two years ago it was too shiny and shapeless compared to Tyra’s version. This time it is far too tight (I too think she got it tailored) at the bust and the hemline looks accidentally asymmetrical. As noted above, the flat hair and makeup are not helping either.


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