A Face Off

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Neither of the dresses do much for the ladies in question… its as if they (the clothes) lack personality! But if we had to choose… we’d pick Anchal! Her dress just fits better as compared to Anjala’s! But those shoes…!!

Who’d be your pick?


Anchal Kumar (Left) And Anjala Zaveri At Swarovski Fashion Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. anjala’s whole look is a little bit better. I really think celebrities need an extensive course in appropriate footwear…always awful, always ill fitting…a crash course won’t cut it. Even the apparently stylish queenie dodhys and haseena jethmalanis of the world loooooove their cork platforms and wedges that dont really go with everything, sp. when u have chicken legs 🙂

  2. Anjala’s wearing birdcage heels which are the rage right now, i think she’s rocking the style and the dress, it’s simple and chic!

  3. i think anchal’s shoes would’ve been really nice without the ankle strap, and with a higher, more statement making heel. i wonder if louboutin makes a version of these pumps, i bet they’d look great.

  4. is that an anket anjala is wearing? i dont get this trend at all… nice formal dress, decent enough formal shoes… and then a chunky college student-y ANKLET around one ankle??

  5. I think color-wise, Anjala looks much better, whereas Anchal’s looking a bit drab. If that dress didn’t have the awkward ruching/wrinkly bit in the middle, and was hemmed better too, she’d be fab.

  6. Both looks arent great….Anchal definately needs to check her footwear and HAIR……..All together both of them look montonous in grey….should have added some colour lie white or yellow or pink….ajala’s dress is much much better ….


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