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Anasuya won the best actress awards in the Un certain Regard category at Cannes for her role in The Shameless and picked up the award wearing a simple silk slip dress with a white jacket and sandals. She lent her support to the cast of “All We Imagine As Light” earlier in the week wearing a shimmery NorBlack NorWhite sari with a white bustier.

Loved her in the sari and our congratulations to her for the win!

Anasuya Sengupta At Un certain Regard Closing Ceremony

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Anasuya Sengupta At All We Imagine As Light Screening

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      • Un Certain Regard in French is literally “a certain glance” which in this case is a category where the Jury votes on films with a certain lens. when you write it as “uncertain” regard it gives it the meaning of the word uncertain, that is, doubtful and changes the meaning. It’s an easy mistake to make, just that the meaning changes completely in the two different languages.

      • Un Certain regard — (Fr.) A certain regard/attention/pov — one that we did not know about
        Uncertain regard — Need I say more πŸ™‚

      • I think “Un Certain Regard” in French translates to “A Certain Regard”, which is praise rather than the negative implication of “Uncertain Regard”. Perhaps I will get to visit Cannes in my dreams so that i can confirm this. πŸ™‚

  1. Anasuya and Omara are both so lovely. Anasuya wears her outfits with panache and that MEGAWATT smile. πŸ™‚ Totally smitten!

  2. Anasuya looks great in both! Many congratulations to her for the win!

    @P & P – Are we not covering Nancy Tyagi or any of the other Indian influencers who attended Cannes this time ?

  3. Love it all, especially her joy !!! I think this is the same saree that Sonam wore to Cannes a few years back (with a white t shirt)

  4. This blog has covered actors, their partners (Gauri, Upasana et al), designers before and after they turned actors (Masaba), models, and Bollywood adjacents by way of societal clout (Poonawalas, Ambanis) faithfully for multiple decades. The partners and Bolly adjacents are neither directly in fashion nor showbiz…the merely have access to these starry orbits. Nancy, by virtue of her appearance in Cannes, has debuted in this showbiz orbit. So, both descriptors that apply to others featured here regularly – designers and someone who is spotted where the stars are – would seem to apply to Nancy and a Cannes appearance post would be internally consistent for HHC.

    Equally, of course, we get that it is “my blog, my rules”. In addition to the take on the fashion choices featured here being subjective, the choice of whom/what to feature/not feature is also subjective and the blogger’s prerogative. And we come here for that original and unique take from the blogger and the comments from the community. But when I read the response above, it not only didn’t compute exactly with precedent of who/what has been featured on the blog…it also seems like a missed opportunity to use this apt platform to celebrate a burgeoning talent for her fashion triumph on a world stage.


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